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Latest News Relating to the Memory of Gareth Jones

Sunday December 17th 2023 Ukrainian Nationalists Distorted the Truth of Gareth Jones – an updated version of an article by Philip Colley that first appeared on Welsh news website CLICK HERE for the new article.
Friday November 24th 2023 Following representations from the Gareth Jones Society the Welsh Parliament abandoned plans to air a video honouring Ukrainian Far Right elements at a ‘Holodomor’ event at the Senedd. CLICK HERE for the article.
Friday September 1st 2023 For copyright requests for items from the Gareth Vaughan Jones Estate, for new documents, research and news regarding Gareth Jones and to make donations for the renovation of please visit our supplemental site
Sunday August 13th 2023 Gareth’s legacy must be preserved, but not at the expense of the truth.

For an article written by his great nephew Philip Colley and published in Le Monde on the 88th anniversary of Gareth’s death, please click HERE.

For the French version, translated from the English and first published on 12th August 2023, please click  HERE.

Friday March 3rd 2023 Gareth Jones has been honoured at an event held at the Garden of the Righteous in Milan on Friday 3rd 2023.
A plaque dedicated to his ‘exemplary action’ was unveiled and a memorial scroll received on Gareth’s behalf by his great nephew Philip Colley.
For Philip’s speech and further details please see HERE

Plaque photo 1 Plaque photo 2
Audience photo 1 Document photo 2
Sunday October 30th 2022 A plaque in remembrance of Gareth Jones was unveiled in the presence of the Mayor of Barry and the Ukrainian Ambassador to the UK at Merthyr Dyfan Cemetery, Barry, Wales on Sunday, 30 October 2022. Please see here for a speech that was given at the event by Gareth’s great nephew Philip Colley.

Dignitaries photo
Plaque photo

CLICK HERE to read a transcript of the speech.
Tuesday June 7th 2022 Kyiv Post report: Gareth Jones’ Relative: Russia Repeating Repressive 1930s Famine Methods.
CLICK HERE to read the article
Thursday May 12th 2022 Special event at the Welsh Senedd to honour Gareth Jones who uncovered Ukrainian famine.
CLICK HERE for article
Wednesday April 27th 2022
6pm UK time
5pm GMT
Gareth Jones in Ukraine: An Extraordinary Life in Extraordinary Times

For those unable to attend the event in person, it will be available to stream live through Zoom.

To view details of the event, please CLICK HERE

Naomi Field - editor of More Than a Grain of Truth, 2nd edition
Dr Edwin Bacon - lecturer at University of Lincoln,School of Social and Political Science

University of Lincoln, UK

Ukraine Fundraiser
Monday April 25th 2022
10am Toronto time
2pm GMT
3pm UK time
Preserving the Gareth Jones Papers Webinar

To view details of the event, please CLICK HERE.

• Dr. Lubomyr Luciuk, Professor of Political Geography at the Royal Military College, a Fellow of the Chair of Ukrainian Studies at the University of Toronto, and a member of the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association
• Rob Phillips, Archivist, Welsh Political Archive at the National Library of Wales
• Loryl MacDonald, Associate Chief Librarian for Special Collections, and Director of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library
• Ksenya Kiebuzinski (chair), Head of the Petro Jacyk Resource Centre, co-Director of the Petro Jacyk Program for the Study of Ukraine at CERES, University of Toronto

Petro Jacyk Program for the Study of Ukraine, CERES, University of Toronto Libraries

Totonto Webinar
August 11th 2020
5pm on ZOOM
Eyewitness to History - Gareth Vaughan Jones

Join the National Library of Wales for the latest in their 'Curators Present' series with Rob Phillips (Welsh Political Archive). His talk will feature some of the material in the Gareth Jones collection of personal papers, letter and diaries that chronicle the remarkable life of this young Welsh journalist who broke the story of the Holodomor in Ukraine in 1933 and who witnessed some of the great events of the earlier 20th century.

Here is the link to get a free 'ticket' and also the link to the session: CLICK HERE

August 1st 2020 Gareth's extensive travels in the Far East have attracted less attention than his commentaries on the holodomor but there is considerable interest in the release of Mr Jones. The Japanese version of The Big Issue will be publishing an interview with James Norton, star of the film, in their August issue.
July 31st 2020 The Kyiv City Council confirmed plans to name a street in Kyiv "Gareth Jones Lane". The lane is located in Shevchenkivskyi district of the Ukrainian capital; it is now known as Project Lane 13120. CLICK HERE for article.
June 21st 2020 Mr Jones showing on Sky Premiere tonight in the UK. Links may work in Europe too. CLICK HERE for listing.
June 20th 2020 In memory of Nigel Colley who created this website. He would have been 60 on June 20th 2020.
February 5th 2020 Published for the first time in full, Philip Colley’s article revealing the true story behind the film Mr Jones.
CLICK HERE to read the article
January 26th 2020 Mr. Jones, the film starring James Norton, is going on general release in the UK on February 7th 2020, telling the story of Gareth's reporting of the Holodomor. It goes without saying that it tells only a small part of Gareth's life.

To coincide with the launch of Mr. Jones we are issuing a second revised edition of More than a Grain of Truth, the definitive biography of Gareth, originally published back in 2005 but long since out of print. Nigel had hoped to prepare a revised edition, but since his death, the task has fallen to his partner Naomi Field. The e-book is available on Amazon and a 'Print on Demand' version will be available very shortly.

CLICK HERE to go to the Amazon page.

November 23rd 2017 Deputy Ambassador of Ukraine to the UK has placed a wreath in memory of former Aberystwyth University student Gareth Jones who exposed the Ukraine famine of 1932-33. Minister-Counsellor Andriy Marchenko travelled to Aberystwyth on Thursday 23 November for the wreath-laying ceremony at the University’s Old College in the presence of Elizabeth Treasure, University Vice Chancellor.

For more information about the commemoration event, then please CLICK HERE to visit Aberystwyth University's website's news page...

CLICK HERE for the Ukrainian Embassy of London's 'Tweet' of the event.

To see photos & coverage of the unveiling of the Gareth Jones Tri-Lingual plaque in 2006, then please CLICK HERE

For Nigel Colley's ceremony remarks then please CLICK HERE.

Perusing salient passages from Gareth's 1933 Famine Diaries (& other papers) at The National Library of Wales

[For a larger photos, then please click thumbnails below.]

Pictured from L to R: Nigel Colley, Linda Tomas (NLW Librarian), Minister-Counsellor Andriy Marchenko & Katerina Stivasari-Jones (acting Director of the University's International Office). Pictured from L to R: Anton Tymofieiev
(First Secretary at the Ukrainian Embassy), Rob Phillips (NLW Welsh Political Archive) & Katerina Stivasari-Jones.
Pictured from L to R: Pedr ap Llwyd
(Director of NLW Collections and Public Programmes), Linda Tomas, Nigel Colley & Andriy Marchenko.
Proudly presenting a souvenir copy of;  'Tell Them We are Starving' (Gareth Jones' 2015 published, translated transcriptions of his 1993 Soviet Diaries) to Deputy Ambassador, Andriy Marchenko.

To view high resolution copies of Gareth's 1933 Famine Diaries online, then please CLICK HERE
November 15th 2017 During a Welsh  Political Assembly Plenary on 15 November 2017, Mick Antoniw AM delivered a 90-Second Statement at the Welsh Assembly, as a tribute to Welsh investigative journalist, Gareth Jones (1905–1935):

November 7th 2017

#Holodomor 85th Anniversary Inaugural Event; Congressional Briefing Washington, DC - November 7, 2017 Members of Congress, foreign dignitaries, great nephew of Gareth Jones, experts

Posted by U.S. Committee for Ukrainian Holodomor Genocide Awareness on Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Or CLICK HERE to view the posting on Facebook

October 13th 2017 Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Anne Applebaum in publicising her new academic Holodomor book; 'Red Famine' wrote an article almost entirely about Gareth Jones' exposure of the Holodomor (& in relation to Walter Duranty's New York Times' 'cover-up') in 'The Atlantic' magazine entitled; 'How Stalin Hid Ukraine's Famine From the World' ...and the foreign press corps helped cover up the catastrophe'... CLICK HERE for article
September 28th 2017 Anne Applebaum  whilst interviewed by Edward Lucas at a promotional book talk in London (organised by the EBRD and the Ukrainian Institute) for her new Holodomor publication; 'Red Famine' addresses Gareth Jones' pivotal role in internationally exposing the Holodomor (@ 42 minutes) into this YouTube video:

September 14th 2017 WBEZ Chicago Public Radio interview 'Worldview' hosted by Jerome McDonnell interviewing Nigel Colley on 'Fake News: A Lesson from the Past" where I discussed & compared Russian 'fake news' of today with Walter Duranty's master-class of denial of the Holodomor in March 1933 in his unashamed denigration of Garth Jones' first-hand & truthful famine allegations... CLICK HERE to listen to the WBEZ radio programme [Or CLICK HERE  for a downloadable MP3 copy of the podcast].

[Click on RHS thumbnail image for a higher resolution photo of Nigel with Jerome McDonnell during the recording in the WBEZ studio.]

- With gracious thanks to the 'Kyiv Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International' for their organisation in facilitating this interview...

March 18th, 2017 The Unknown Journalist Brave Enough To Expose Stalin’s Secrets | Doing the right thing cost him his life. Article/blog by Ilana Gordon of Click Here for article.
February 20th, 2017 UK Holodomor movie premiere of Bitter Harvest in London, in which Gareth's role in exposing the 1933 famine-genocide is briefly alluded to - & in which Gareth is portrayed by being arrested and then his trademark, thick-rimmed spectacles are later seen symbolically crushed on a street pavement.

In appreciation of the above film scene's recognition of  Gareth Jones role in internationally exposing the Holodomor in 1933, then at the London premiere on 20th February 2017,  Nigel Linsan Colley (great nephew of Gareth Jones) is pictured below showing as a curio, an actual pair of Gareth Jones' boyhood spectacles (which Gareth can be also seen wearing, aged about 10, circa 1915), to  Ian Ihnatowycz, the film's Producer...

For more information about Bitter Harvest including film reviews, then please Click Here.

December 11th 2016

Full interview with Ray Gamache on his new paperback edition of "Gareth Jones: Eyewitness to the Holodomor", South Portland, Maine, USA, 11 December 2016.

April 7th 2016 Review of  “Tell Them We Are Starving”: The 1933 Soviet Diaries of Gareth Jones by Anne Applebaum in the New York Review of Books, entitled 'The Victory of Ukraine' can be seen HERE online. This three-book joint review by Anne Applebaum also included; "The Gates of Europe: A History of Ukraine" by Serhii Plokhy, Harvard University (pictured here on a visit to Cambridge in 2012, with myself, Nigel Colley & Dr. Rory Finnin, Head of the Slavonic Studies department, Cambridge University) and Dr Ray Gamache's own biography; Gareth Jones: Eyewitness to the Holodomor.
Jan 28th 2016
The British Library (via a formal request from the National Library of Wales) has deemed this Gareth Jones website worthy of historical archiving. A mirror copy of this website (taken on this date) can now be seen HERE at UK Web Archive.
Nov 28th 2015
Люди Правди: Ґарет Джонс - PEOPLE OF TRUTH: GARETH JONES. As part of this year's Holodomor Commemorations by the Ukrainian Government through the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory are holding in honour 'People of Truth' & especially Gareth for his 1933 newspaper articles. Click Here for more details in the original Ukrainian article & Here for an English translation.
May 22nd 2015
"Tell Them We Are Starving - The 1933 Soviet Diaries of  Gareth Jones."

This publication by the Kashtan Press contains high resolution facsimiles & corresponding full transcriptions (including translations from Russian, Ukrainian, German & Welsh)) of Gareth's three journalist notebooks detailing his unique record of a three week fact-finding trip to the USSR in March 1933.

For more details, then please Click Here.

July 29th 2014
Geoffery Luck, former ABC reporter & editor wrote an opinion column in The Australian newspaper entitled; 'Putin Resumes the Big Lie' in which Gareth's role in exposing the Holodomor is cited in relation to the shooting down of the Malaysian passenger jet MH17 in Eastern Ukraine. CLICK HERE to view the article on The Australian's website.
June 8th 2014
Transmission date (Sun 8th June at 8pm) has been announced for Welsh television's S4C's hour-long, new documentary about Gareth; entitled; 'Hitler, Stalin and the Boy from Barry', presented by Guto Harri (current worldwide Director of Communications for Rupert Murdoch) and produced by Wynford Jones (for Tinopolis).

Guto Harri seeks out the history of journalist Gareth Jones, a Welsh speaker, who broke the story about one the 20th Century's worst atrocities; the famine in Russia and Ukraine during the rule of Stalin. Gareth Jones was murdered whilst on the trail of another scoop in China. Who murdered him and why is his work still causing controversy to this day?

Click Here for S4C's online pre-publicity for the programme by Guto Harri entitled; 'The Remarkable Life of a Forgotten Reporter'.

To view the programme online until about the 13 July then CLICK HERE

June 7th 2014
Guto Harri has written a full page article in the Western Mail's Saturday magazine entitled: "Re-tracing the 'heroic though insane excursion' of Welsh journalist Gareth Jones". Click Here to view it on the 'This Is Wales'' website.
June 5th 2014
BBC Online Welsh Language News 'Cymru Fyw' publshed an article by Alun Jones entitled " Cofio gwaith y newyddiadurwr 'dewr' Gareth Jones" (Remembering the work of the work of the 'brave journalist' Gareth Jones). Click Here.
May 23rd 2014
Half-page political commentary in The Times of London by columnist Ben Macintyre demanding due return of Duranty's Pulitzer Prize.

FYI - I am still awaiting (even after 11-years) a considered reply from the New York Times over revocation of their ill-gotten Pulitzer of Walter Duranty - Click Here for my own & my late mother's original correspondence with the NYT back in 2003.

March 24th 2014
CLICK HERE to view Andrew Stuttaford's excellent review of Dr. Ray Gamache's book; Gareth Jones: An Eyewitness to the Holodomor in The Weekly Standard entiled; 'Hunger for Truth; The Silence that Came with Starvation in Ukraine'.
January 2014

New publication: Gareth Jones: Y Dyn oedd yn Gwybod Gormod by Alun Gibbard  

ISBN: 9781847718372
Category: Biography History
Language: Welsh
Part of the series: Stori Sydyn


Teitl yn y gyfres o gyfrolau byr a chyflym Stori Sydyn. Stori'r newyddiadurwr rhyfeddol o'r Bari, Gareth Jones. Daeth yn enwog fel newyddiadurwr a ddatgelodd y newyn yn yr Iwcrain yn y tridegau. Bu farw yn 30 mlwydd oed dan amgylchiadau amheus yn y Dwyrain Pell.


For more details; CLICK HERE for purchasing details and CLICK HERE for a review by Trefor Jones from The Welsh Book Council.

December 2, 2013
WIT (World Information Transfer) UN Conference at the United Nations Headquarters, New York City. Dr Ray Gamache's speech "Commemorating Holodomor; Reflections on a Tragedy".

This speech can be read in English, Russian & Ukrainian HERE

Nov 5 & 6th 2013
"Taking Measure of the Holodomor" - a 2-day UA HES (Ukrainian Historical Encounters) Special Event: at the Princeton Club, New York City.

Wed 6th 10:50 am – 12:00 pm — Session IX: "The Holodomor Through the Prism of Contemporaneous Mass Media"
Moderator: Halyna Hryn [Harvard University]
Nigel Colley [Gareth Jones Archives]/Andrew Stuttaford [NRO]
Serhii Cipko [University of Alberta].

[Pictured (from L to R) Andrew Stuttaford, Nigel Colley & Halyna Hryn.]

CLICK HERE for Nigel Colley's paper entitled: "Gareth Jones - "When the Holodomor Makes the News…"

Nov 1st 2013
Cardiff Western Mail Aled Blake's article entitled: "Ukraine will survive Russia's bullying and become a major European power. Columnist Aled Blake on the power struggle over the future of Ukraine and the role of a heroic Welsh journalist exposing Stalin's greatest crime." CLICK HERE to view online.
June 20th 2013
London Book Launch / Public Lecture of Dr Ray Gamache's new volume; 'Gareth Jones - Eyewitness to the Holodomor' - on Thursday 20th June at the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain,  Shevchenko Library & Archive, 49 Linden Gardens, London, W2 4HG from 6.30pm.
  • To view a PDF transcript of Dr Ray Gamache's presentation entitled; "Ethical Dimensions of Famine Reporting: Gareth Jones and the ‘Journalism of Attachment’’" then please CLICK HERE.
Photos from the London Book Launch at the AUGB

Ray Gamache with Ashley Drake (Publisher)  & Helen Drake from the Welsh Academic Press.

Dr Ray Gamache delivering his presentation on the journalistic ethics of reporting a famine.


[N.B. Click on thumbnails for higher resolution.]

Fedir Kurlak, Chief Executive of the AUGB with Ashley Drake, Ray Gamache & Nigel Colley

Ray Gamache with his sister Aileen (pictured left) and wife Jane (right).

Taras Melnyk (right) from the Rochdale AUGB, whose Borough Council first recognised the Holodomor as a genocide in 2008.

June 18th 2013

Cardiff Book Launch / Public Lecture of Dr Ray Gamache's new volume; 'Gareth Jones - Eyewitness to the Holodomor' - on Tuesday 18th June at the Norwegian Church Arts Centre, Cardiff Bay, from 6-7.30pm.

Dr Ray Gamache with host, Mick Antoniw, AM at the Cardiff book launch (Click on thumbnail above for higher resolution).

  • For a full page article in The Western Mail, by Chief Reporter, Martin Shipman entitled: 'Welsh journalist hailed one of greatest 'eyewitnesses of truth' for exposing '30s Soviet famine' & published on 20th June, then Please CLICK HERE.

June 17th 2013

Aberystwyth Book Launch / Public Lecture of Dr Ray Gamache's new volume; 'Gareth Jones - Eyewitness to the Holodomor' - on Monday 17th June at the Arts Centre Cinema, Aberystwyth University (Penglais Campus) from 6-7pm.

S4C Welsh TV Coverage

Ray Gamache's presentation at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre

To view S4C presenter Rhodri Davies' Welsh TV coverage on their daily magazine programme 'Heno' (Tonight) broadcasted on Tues 18th June, of Ray Gamache's new book launch, then please CLICK HERE [N.B. For a transcribed English translation of the TV piece, then please CLICK HERE]

Ray Gamache at the Gareth Jones Tri-lingual Memorial Plaque at the Old College, Aberystwyth, pictured with Prof. Aled Jones, Senior Pro Vice-Chancellor of Aberystwyth University/designate Chief Executive and Librarian of the National Library of Wales and Nigel Colley. [Click on thumbnail for larger photo.]
Jun 11th 2013
Gareth's famine reports were briefly noted in a 1/2 hour UK Parliamentary debate at Westminster Hal by Pauline Latham MP in calling for the British Government to recognise the Holodomor as a genocide. In reply (and with some sophistry) David Lidington MP, Minister for Europe argued on behalf of HMG; 'Genocide has a defined status in international law, following the 1948 UN genocide convention. The holodomor predates the establishment of the concept of genocide in international law and the convention was not drafted to apply retrospectively.'

To read Hansard's transcript of this Holodomor debate then please CLICK HERE or view the video on Parliamentary TV, then click the "expand" button below:

May 23rd - Sept 6th 2013
London Exhibition - Gareth's former gentlemen's club in London The Reform Club, has organised a small exhibition about his life entitled; 'Gareth Jones - A Man who Knew Too Much'.

The exhibition will run from 23 May – 6 September this year at The Reform Club, 104 Pall Mall, SW1Y 5EW For the first time in the club's history, the exhibition will be open to the general public on Friday afternoons from 2-5pm. Entry; Free of Charge. For further details about admission, then please contact the Club directly: . [Please note that the Club's 'Dress Code' will apply (CLICK HERE to see the Club's Dress Code'.)]

If you are unable to attend the exhibition (or as a further informational companion; after having visited), then please CLICK HERE for a 'virtual' tour.

May  22nd 2013

Three newly discovered articles of Gareth's, found by Dr Ray Gamache in 2012 from The Star newspaper, a former popular London evening newspaper. Unfortunately, this series of 'light weight' articles' title, 'My Russian Diary' indicates that not all of Gareth's dairies survived and their style is more tabloid in nature than those written in The Times or Western Mail.  CLICK HERE to view PDFs of these three articles.

July 6th 2012
After 15-months in the making, filmmakers George Carey & Teresa Cherfas will be re-screening their documentary entitled; 'Hitler, Stalin & Mr Jones' at the Frontline Club, London on Friday July 6th with a Q&A afterwards...
July 5th 2012
At 9pm on Thursday, 5th July, BBC4's Storyville series will be premiering their 80-minute documentary entitled; 'Hitler, Stalin and Mr Jones' :

"Storyville: an investigation into who killed Welsh journalist Gareth Jones. Jones's greatest scoop was to reveal the starvation to death of millions in 1930s Ukraine, caused by Stalin's policies. A portrait emerges of a fiercely bright young man who preferred a journalist's life of courage and danger which took him from small town Wales to even hitching a lift in Hitler's private jet. However, in a 1930s world of competing ideologies, there existed a fine line between journalism and spying. This film explores to what extent this dual role, and taking on Stalin, may have contributed to his early death on the plains of Mongolia."

For the BBC Storyville's website announcement of the documentary, then please CLICK HERE.

Or, a full 100 minute version can be seen below, as found on Youtube in December 2015:

March 17th, 2012
The AUGB (Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain) published a two-page tribute to Siriol Colley in their 'Ukrainian Thought' newspaper's reporting of her Memorial Service held in Bramcote, Nottinghamshire on Saturday 3rd March 2012. CLICK HERE to see a PDF copy of Fedir Kurlak's article.
January 13th, 2012

But They Are Only Russians - BBC Radio 4 -

"Truth-tellers and cover-up artists: John Sweeney takes a classic example from Stalin's great famine of the 1930s which killed up to 10 million peasants, with a famous and feted journalist Walter Duranty reporting in the New York Times that there was no famine and very few deaths, and ridiculing another journalist, Gareth Jones (once David Lloyd George's private secretary), who had defied a state ban to go and see the suffering for himself, and reported the horrible truth. Duranty later won a Pulitzer; Jones was killed in China in mysterious circumstances."

CLICK HERE for the BBC Radio 4 Website for more details

For an The Western Mail's interview with John Sweeney about the programme, entitled; 'Was Western Mail journalist Gareth Jones killed for defying Stalin?', then please CLICK HERE

November 21st, 2011
Following the sad death of Margaret Siriol Colley on Sunday 20th November after her three year battle against cancer, the Gareth Jones presentation at the National Press Club in Washington DC was dedicated to the memory of her remarkable life.
  1. CLICK HERE to see Nigel's Colley short prologue in dedicating his NPC speech to the memory his late mother, Siriol. (PDF format)
  2. CLICK HERE for Nigel Colley's speech in which he provides documentary evidence of The New York Times' 'deliberate deception' of the American public of knowingly parroting Stalinist propaganda in relation to the Ukrainian famine-genocide of 1932-33 (PDF format).
  3. CLICK HERE for all accompanying speech's images in MS PowerPoint format.
  4. CLICK HERE for The Colley's 2003 correspondence with the New York Times & the Pulitzer Committee.
[Click on above thumbnails for larger images.]
Nigel with his daughter, Rachael & NPC moderator Peter Hickman.
  • CLICK HERE fot The Epoch Times coverage of the event, entitled: 'Due Recognition Sought for Reporter of 1930s Ukraine Famine'.
  • CLICK HERE for a PDF of legible newspaper images of Yaro Bihun's 'special article' for The Ukrainian Weekly, dated Sunday 18th November.
  • For the Ukrainian Weekly's Friday 25th November's coverage of the DC events see below:

November 20th 2011

Following Siriol's sudden death, on of all commemorative days; 'Holodomor Sunday', then links to online tributes can be found below:

  • BBC Wales - CLICK HERE for the original Welsh language version (& CLICK HERE for Google's English language translation).
  • Ukrainian Weekly Obituary - 18th December 2011 - CLICK HERE for a PDF of legible Newspaper images of the Editor, Roma Hadzewycz's obituary.
  • CLICK HERE for Andrew Stuttaford's (& long-time good 'Friend of Gareth Jones' ) kind words of eulogy for The National Review.
  • CLICK HERE for the Ukrainian newspaper; The Day's news story (in Ukrainian) by Dmitry Drozdovskii, from the Shevchenko Institute of Literature, from 25th November 2011. [Or CLICK HERE for Google's translation into English.]
  • CLICK HERE for Ukrainian-Canadian's announcement.
  • CLICK HERE to see the Nottingham Evening Post's Obituary from 6th February 2012

For Margaret Colley's own personal website, then please click HERE

August 18th, 2011

The 76th anniversary of Gareth's murder on 12th August 1935 was marked by a published letter in the Barry & District News entitled; 'Man to be Proud of...' CLICK HERE to view Christopher Short's letter.

July 11th, 2011

Following a trip to Aberystwyth in July 2011, the Gareth Jones' Famine & Hitler Diaries were bequeathed to Alan Green, the Librarian at the National Library of Wales' Political Archives...

CLICK HERE to see pages 2 & 3 of the Welsh Political Archive's annual magazine coverage of the event.

May 5th 2011

On Nov 30, 1934, Gareth was the house guest of architect, Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin, Wisconsin, CLICK HERE to see a PDF which includes a personally inscribed copy of Lloyd Wright's Autobiography, a photo of Mr & Mrs Lloyd Wright and another of Gareth with Mrs Lloyd Wright (as seemingly Mrs Wright was unable to take one of Gareth & Mr Lloyd Wright). Also included is a copy of Gareth' Western Mail article relating to his visit...

May 3rd, 2011

CLICK HERE to listen to a repeat broadcast from last year of a 10-minute, BBC World Service radio programme entitled 'Witness' about the 'Ukrainian Famine' by their reporter Alan Johnston (who himself had in 2007 been kidnapped in Gazza, though thankfully released after four months' captivity - ).

April 8th, 2011

Welsh History Month - Following academic research of Gareth's extensive archives at the National Library of Wales in August 2010, Dr Toby Thacker (Cardiff University) wrote an article published in Gareth's old newspaper, The Western Mail as part of for 'Welsh History Month' in April 2011 in which he gave a considered appraisal of the historical importance from a Welsh viewpoint of Gareth's incisive journalism. CLICK HERE to view the article..

March 21st, 2011

Gareth's private correspondence to his family & Lloyd George before, during and after his 1933 trip to the Soviet Union have now been transcribed. CLICK HERE to see an 8mb PDF with legible images of his letters with adjacent transcriptions.

November 20th 2010

For Nigel Colley's PowerPoint presentation "Gareth Jones Diaries & their Association with Sergiy Bukovski's Documentary 'The Living'" at the Ukrainian Institute of America, New York, then please CLICK HERE.

This presentation details the chronology; from the chance discovery of the Gareth Jones' famine diaries in a small suitcase in Barry, South Wales (having laid unseen for almost 50 years), through to their first transcription in 2006 in Illinois, their 'treatment' within Sergiy Bukovsky's 2008 film; 'The Living' and then the worldwide publicity generated thereafter. The presentation also indicates how the recent international recognition of both Gareth and the Holodomor are seemingly inextricably entwined...

October 2nd 2010

Gareth was cited by The Guardian in their review of Roy Hattersley's new book on Lloyd George, "The Great Outsider", in which journalist, Miranda Seymour stated:

".... To take another example: did Hattersley think that the papers and published articles of Gareth Jones, private secretary and speech-writer to Lloyd George during two significant years (1930-1932), were utterly insignificant? Jones (murdered in Mongolia in 1935) doesn't even rate a mention."

CLICK HERE for the full article.

September 27th, 2010

In asking a (general knowledge), 'Starter Question' on the now, almost 50-year old, British TV institution; University Challenge, arguably the UK's most-esteemed, political journalist (and in the video here above, as part-time question master), Jeremy Paxman recognises both the Holodomor and also Gareth's forgotten role in exposing it. So, perhaps in the eyes of the BBC, both the Holodomor and Gareth have now both seemingly gone from, 'airbrushed' obscurity to mainstream academically historical' fact'!

A shame though, that the show's contestants were so ill-informed on the subject of the Holodomor, but nevertheless, following the programme's first broadcast, that night, this website had over 20,000 additional visitors...

(First Broadcast on BBC Two, 8:00pm Mon, 27 Sep 2010)

CLICK HERE for the Wake entry on BBC's University Challenge - BARB (broadcasters Audience Research Board) Viewing figures for week-ending 19th September 2010 gave the programme 2.58 million viewers.

And, CLICK HERE for Youtube's links of a précis of Jeremy Paxman's trademark, rottweilingly-inquisitive, political TV interviews :

August 4th 2010

CLICK HERE to listen to the BBC World Service's radio programme by John Sweeny entitled; 'Useful Idiots'

The phrase 'useful idiots', supposedly Lenin's, refers to Westerners duped into saying good things about bad regimes. In political jargon it was used to describe Soviet sympathisers in Western countries and the attitude of the Soviet government towards them. Useful idiots, in a broader sense, refers to Western journalists, travellers and intellectuals who gave their blessing – often with evangelistic fervour – to tyrannies and tyrants, thereby convincing politicians and public that utopias rather than Belsens thrived.

January 19th, 2010

Special afternoon screening of 'The Living' at the National Library of Wales, the home of Gareth archives. For ticket details please CLICK HERE

January 18th, 2010

Welsh Premiere of The Living at Cardiff's Chapter Arts Centre in the presence of the director, Sergij Bukovski and the Welsh Minister for Heritage, Alun Ffred Jones. For more details and free tickets CLICK HERE

December 23rd 2009

Newly discovered conference report of the twelfth annual meeting of the Institute of World Affairs in California, where Gareth delivered a controversial key note speech on the 15th December 1934. Here, he blamed the 5-Year plan of Collectivisation as 'a harbinger of famine' and that the 'exile of five million Kulaks was one of the most brutal crimes in European history.' His damning remarks of the Bolsheviks would certainly have been unfavourably noted by Moscow and one moth later his three very vitriolic, anti-Soviet US syndicated articles for Randolph Hearst may well have been reason enough for him to effectively 'silenced'? CLICK HERE to read a newspaper report of his Institute of World Affairs' conference address.

 November 23rd 2009

 CLICK HERE for Nigel Colley's speech at the opening of a Holodomor exhibition at the UN in New York entitled; 'Are you Listening, The New York Times?'

 November 13th 2009

 Gareth recognised at Cambridge with an exhibition (until mid-December) commemorating his life and featuring his unique diaries at The Wren Library. CLICK HERE visiting details at The Wren's website. CLICK HERE to see information about the exhibit and with links to over 180 newspaper articles related to this story as well as links to TV coverage. In the week following all the media interest of Cambridge, this Gareth Jones website received over 100,000 individual hits; such is the power of the press!

 March 21st 2009

 Transcriptions and images of Gareth's diary notes of his flight with Hitler on the 23rd February 1933, his attendance at a Nazi Rally (where he compared the oratory of Hitler with Lloyd George) on the same day, followed by a private interview with Goebbels can be seen HERE with cross-references to his accompanying articles.

March 13th, 2009

 Academic Conference: "The Reporter and the Genocide: - Gareth Jones and the Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33" at the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs, Rome on Friday March 13th 2009. CLICK HERE for details.

 November 22nd 2008

Gareth & Malcolm Muggeridge are posthumously presented with the Ukrainian Order of Merit at the British 75th Holodomor Commemorations at Westminster Central Hall, London. CLICK HERE for some photos of the event and a link to the BBC's report.

 November 21st 2008

Premiere of major new Holodomor documentary 'The Living' directed by Sergey Bukovsky, in which Gareth's role predominantly features, with appearances of both Nigel & Siriol Colley. Below is a full length version of Sergiy's film with English subtitles - as retrieved from Youtube in December 2015.]


 July 3rd 2008

Photos from the Holodomor Remembrance Ceremony - Thursday 3rd July at the Houses of Parliament, London.
Organised by the All Party Parliamentary Ukraine Group and the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain to mark the arrival of the Torch of Remembrance.  CLICK HERE

 June 26th 2008

 For Nigel Colley's Mau Conference speech, Kyiv Click Here (for Word Document format)  or HERE  (for HTML format) & for accompanying PowerPoint Presentation Click Here

 March 29th 2008

 In commemoration of Gareth's Berlin Press Conference exposure of the Holodomor, 75 years ago to the day, then please CLICK HERE for an excellent new article by Zach Barnett, who has written an article about Gareth's exposure of the Holodomor, predominantly from information gleamed from this website, as part of his forthcoming new book; 'The Stalin Beat'.

 November 6th 2007

 Images from every page of all Gareth's diaries from his visits to the USSR in 1931 & 1933 - including his personal observations of famine conditions in Ukraine are now published online, without transcription and available for browsing. Click HERE for the diary  index page

February 17th 2007

Recollections of Gareth Jones - Following a Canadian radio interview about Gareth, a relative of a listener who knew Gareth, when she was a teenage girl contacted Gareth's family with her recollections . This correspondence has been combined with letters of Gareth's to a Welsh hill-top farming family, who after offering him the hospitality of a bed for the night became warm friends. Together this correspondence helps show the moral character of Gareth and perhaps why he dared to expose the Holodomor in an article written by Nigel Colley.

Click Here to visit the web page with the article or Click Here for a printable Adobe acrobat page of the article

January 16th, 2007

CLICK HERE for the first page a complete transcription and relating photos of the whole of the British Public Records Office's recently released MI5/MI6  case files detailing  the NKVD (Soviet Secret Police) links with Wostwag & specifically their General Manager Adam Purpiss.

[N.B. Adam Purpiss, 'kindly'  provided Gareth and his German journalist colleague, Dr. Herbert Mueller (who invited Gareth on his fateful last journey), with the free transport, from which they were both kidnapped - Mueller was released unharmed after two days and Gareth never returned... Evidence HERE documents MI6's 34-year open case file on Mueller regarding their evidence that he too was also a Soviet agent.]

These documents are put online for academic purposes to publicise the fact that Wostwag were a little known, but very important wing of the Soviet NKVD. These papers show amongst other things that Wostwag, were the de facto bankers and arms dealers to the Chinese Communist party as well as that the British secret services knew of Wostwag's Soviet links prior to Gareth's murder. This information was never passed on to their Foreign Office colleagues and in hindsight severely hindered the subsequent investigation into Gareth's murder by 'bandits' in Inner Mongolia.

27th - 30th  Nov, 2006

 Nigel Colley's  Canadian Lecture Tour entitled "The Gareth Jones Diaries - A Man Who Knew Too Much":

CLICK HERE for an extended online PowerPoint presentation


  1. Toronto - Monday 27th November - 7pm at the Canadian Arts Foundation, 2118 A, Bloor Street West. CLICK HERE for further details.
  2. Ottawa - Wednesday 29th November -7.30pm at St Paul University, 223 Main Street,  Amphitheatre (Room 1124), Guigues hall. CLICK HERE for further details.
  3. Montreal - Thursday 30th November - 2pm at McGill University, faculty Club, 3450 McTavish. CLICK HERE for further details.
  4. Montreal - Friday 1st December - 7.30pm at St. Sophia’s Church Hall, 6270-12th Ave, Rosemount. CLICK HERE for further details.

For photos taken and media links relating to this very enjoyable & successful tour of Canada then  please click here.

 23rd June 2006

 25th Annual Conference on Ukrainian Subjects, Urbana, University of Illinois - Holodomor Presentation by:
  1. Nigel Colley (The Air-brushing of Gareth Jones - with Diary Extracts from Gareth's Unescorted March 1933 Trek through the Ukrainian Villages along the Moscow-Sebastopol Railway Line & Later in Kharkiv) CLICK HERE for online PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Roman Serbyn, University of Quebec at Montreal (The Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33 as Genocide in the Light of  U.N. Convention of 1948).
  3. Federigo Argentieri, John Cabot University, Rome (Finding Out about a Genocide. Armenia 1915. Ukraine 1932-33).

 2nd May 2006

Gareth Jones Memorial Plaque Unveiling Ceremony -The Old College, Aberystwyth University. For Details of Speeches, Photos, Video Clips and Media Reporting of the event - please CLICK HERE

 2nd May 2006

BBC Wales' Coverage of the above Plaque Unveiling Event.

 21st March 2006

 Plaque Honouring Welsh Journalist, Gareth Jones, To Be Unveiled At University of Wales  organised by  Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association (UCCLA) at Aberystwyth on 2nd May 2006 - Entry Open to the Public - Click HERE for more details. Bas relief [Right] of Gareth Jones, prepared by Toronto sculptor, Oleh Lesiuk.

For Full details of event please Click Here

 16th December 2005

 Two pieces of academic background information have been added to the website, namely a 5th April 1933 letter to the Editor of The New York Times in outrage to Duranty's infamous "Russians Hungry, but Not Starving" - CLICK HERE - and a 22nd August 1933 article by the London Times' Riga correspondent noting the travel restrictions imposed on Moscow Foreign Correspondents - CLICK HERE.

 19th November 2005

Speech Delivered by Nigel Colley for the Holodomor Panykhida on Saturday 19th November 2005 at St Patrick's Cathedral, New York, entitled; "Gareth Jones - Final Victim of the 1933 Holodomor..." - Click Here

 14th November 2005

 Recently discovered documents at the Public Records Office show that Dr Herbert Mueller, who was kidnapped with Gareth from a vehicle belonging to the NKVD, was a known communist and the Chinese representative of the Soviet Third International. Indeed the British MI5 had a operational file open on him from 1917 to 1951 - but unfortunately never passed on their suspicions to the Foreign Office in their 500 page investigation into Gareth's murder. For a work in progress page of my initial findings please CLICK HERE for PowerPoint presentation.

 25th August 2005

 Professor Federigo Argentieri of Cabot University, Rome and coinciding with Gareth's 100th anniversary of his birth, wrote an Italian article in "Corriere della Sera",entitled "Jones, inviato speciale nel genocidio ucraino Raccontò il massacro di un popolo, Stalin lo fece uccidere" [Jones, special correspondent into the Ukrainian genocide, told of the slaughtering of people; Stalin had him killed] in which he firmly points his murder at the hands of the Stalin regime. Click here for a PDF file of the actual article or here for a web page version.  

 4th August 2005

Gareth's three extremely vitriolic articles against the Stalinist regime, which were personally commissioned by William Randolph Hearst and published in January 1935. CLICK HERE for first article. In the second article, Gareth uses the phrase 'man-made famine  to describe the Holodomor - CLICK HERE.  In the last article, Gareth insightfully wonders if  Kirov's recent murder was due 'plots within the Communist party' resulting in a new reign of Stalinist terror. CLICK HERE for third article. After having read these articles, you might well consider if they didn't have a direct bearing upon Gareth's mysterious murder exactly seven months afterwards?  With thanks to all at Ukraine Weekly, but especially  Irene Jarosewich, editor-in-chief of Svoboda, for bringing these amazing and previously unknown articles to our attention.

 31 July 2005

 Recently posted a series of three Dr Otto Schiller's [the German agricultural attaché in Moscow] Daily Telegraph articles from August 1933 documenting his observations of Soviet famine conditions. CLICK HERE 

27 June - 1st July 2005

James Mace Memorial Panel, Donetsk, Ukraine - Siriol & Nigel Colley and others presented papers on the concealment of the Holodomor by the West. CLICK HERE for Conference Speeches.

  8th January 2005

 I have just transcribed some private correspondence from Walter Duranty to H. R Knickerbocker, (from Knickerbocker's private papers at Columbia University) including from June 1933, "The “famine” is mostly bunk as I told you, except maybe in Kazakstan and the Alti," CLICK HERE 

  13th November 2004

Nigel Colley's Holodomor Speech at St Patrick's Cathedral, New York. Click Here.

  15th October 2004

 To view recently released Public Records Office Documents relating to Mr Purpis, of Wostwag who provided Gareth with his last mode of transport before being kidnapped,  being under MI6 surveillance as NKVD agent, plus Purpiss travelling on a false Honduran Passport, Please click HERE

  13th October  2004

 A new review of Manchukuo Incident  by John Plant of independent Socialist magazine, New Interventions. in which he makes comparisons between Gareth and the treatment of Andrew Gilligan, former BBC Radio 4 Today correspondent, who embarrassed the Blair Government over Weapons of Mass Destruction: "Wherever the ruling classes are able to be rid of such people, the working classes are the less well armed." Click Here  to read the article. 

  6th October 2004

  Newly acquired website acquired to be used in conjunction with new book which will eventually become the main website.

  27th September 2004

 Andrew Stuttaford of the National Review has written a glowing article on his impressions of the making of Gareth, the man, his morals,  roots and unswerving conscience to tell the truth regardless of the cost or even the opponent.. Click Here

 9th March 2004

"The Victim of 1930." - This End of Year article of  Gareth's gives a very accurate analysis of the world political situation, which would unfold throughout the Nineteen-Thirties. Click Here

  8th March 2004

 For academic purposes only , all 13 of Duranty's Pulitzer 'Prize-winning' 1931 NYT articles can be read online in text format. To quote NYT Editor, Mr Bill Keller on the content of these articles: "Pretty dreadful...It was a parroting of propaganda". Click Here to view articles

  16th February 2004

"Holodomor Bid Steps Up" by Daniel Davies of the Western Mail -"THE CAMPAIGN to strip a journalist of his Pulitzer Prize for ridiculing a Western Mail journalist who uncovered famine under Stalin is to call for backing from Democrat front runner John Kerry." Click HERE to view his article.

  14th February 2004

 Correspondence form Siriol Colley to the New York Times seeking Public Apology for the denigration of Gareth Jones by their former employee Walter Duranty  - including a reply from the NYT Public Office with the flippant valediction of 'CHEERS' when discussing the famine-genocide. CLICK HERE for our letters page.

 11th February 2004

Orwell's and the Holodomor in Animal Farm –  A collaborative appraisal of the symbolism relating to the 1932-33 Soviet Ukrainian Famine. CLICK HERE

  10th February 2004

 The Soviet Secret Police's (OGPU /NKVD) alleged involvement in Gareth's murder (as retribution for publicly exposing the Ukrainian Famine) through two pieces of independent circumstantial evidence.

   10th February 2004

Was George Orwell's 'Farmer Jones' in Animal Farm referring to specifically to Gareth Jones? A hypothesis by Nigel Colley

  16th January 2004

 Was Gareth Jones the inspiration for George Orwell's Farmer Jones in Animal Farm? Jackie Jura of Orwell Today has no doubt he was... Click here for further information

 12th December 2003

Gareth has now been included on the Freedom Forum Journalists Memorial website,  Click here for Details.

 10th November 2003

Dr. Siriol Colley's Columbia University Speech on Gareth Jones at the Holodomor Conference, New York. Click Here.

  9th November 2003

 Roman Revkniv's 3000 word article of Gareth's friend and colleague Paul Scheffer - the first journalist to be banned by Stalin in 1933 for his honest reporting of the Five-Year Plan. Click Here.

  24th October 2003

 Letter from Siriol & Nigel Colley appealing to Mr. A. O. Sulzberger, Jr, Publisher of The New York Times, citing new evidence from Gareth's correspondence of Ukrainian 'starvation' as early as 1930,  to voluntarily return Walter Duranty's 1932 Pulitzer Prize. CLICK HERE for transcript.

  21st October 2003

U.S. House of Representatives Adopts resolution on 1932-33 Man-Made famine in Ukraine. CLICK HERE for full Article - Courtesy of Morgan Williams at .

  16th October 2003

 Diarmuid Johnson of  'Welsh Literature Abroad' / 'Llenyddiaeth Cymru Dramor' has written a compelling article on Gareth from a Welsh prospective. Click Here to view the article.

  5th September 2003

 Newly researched articles by Nigel Colley including corroborating background material to an American independent reporter's famine accounts [Whiting Williams of Cleveland, Ohio], who was probably the only Western observer to write about conditions in Ukraine in the Summer 1933. Click Here

  31st August 2003

 The winner of the 2003 Gareth Jones Travelling Scholarship has been awarded to John Perkins, who is proposing to undertake a two-week trip to Israel and Palestine in October. Mr Perkins, a member of staff at the University of Wales, Bangor, has worked with Christian Aid in a voluntary capacity for twelve years, and the aim of his trip is to promote peace and reconciliation between Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities in the area. On his return he intends to raise understanding of these issues in Wales by way of media opportunities and presentations to communities and churches. CLICK HERE for details.

  22nd August 2003

BOOK REVIEW BY ROMAN REVKNIV (Ukrainian Archives and News)

'Gareth Jones A Manchukuo Incident' is a magnificent book. It reads so easily. In the first half we read Jones' own writings, and in the second we try to solve the mystery of his murder. Author Margaret Colley has made a very positive first effort to piece it all together. So skillfuly, in fact, that when you start reading you simply cannot help but recall certain fictitious scenes from an Indiana Jones adventure movie. You are lured by the seductiveness of the Orient, then empowered with historic facts as presented in TV documentaries. You meet the people that Jones met and as you share this open viewing of his letters, diaries and photographs you grow closer to him. This is indeed a very fine and delicate collection of short accounts written by an intelligent man but equally well supported and sorted in the aftermath by his intelligent, hardworking and dedicated niece - Margaret Siriol Colley.

  22nd July 2003

 Prestigious US newspaper The Ukraine Weekly has reprinted our Open Letter  to revoke Duranty's Pulitzer and have written an accompanying article praising Gareth's reporting and calling for the award to be given to Gareth posthumously. Click Here to read the excellent article compiled by Roxolana Woloszyn.

  15th July 2003

 [The :late] eminent academic expert on the Holodomor, Dr James Mace wrote a glowing article in The Day, Ukraine's leading newspaper about Gareth and Walter Duranty's Pulitzer Prize.  Click Here to read the full story.

  26th June 2003

 Tomos Livingstone has written two articles from Gareth's own newspaper, commemorating Gareth's role in exposing the Soviet Famine (Holodomor) in The Western Mail, Cardiff: 'Strip Villain of his Evil Prize' and earlier on the 12th June 2003: 'Justice at last for Critic of Stalinism?'

  24th June 2003

  In support of the campaign to revoke the 1932 Duranty Pulitzer Prize from Walter Duranty, we as relatives of Gareth have contributed with an Open Letter to the Pulitzer Organisation. CLICK HERE for details.

  12th June 2003

  Martin Sieff, Chief News Analyst of American News agency  UPI, has syndicated a very sympathetic article about Gareth's role in the exposure of the  1932-33 Famine-Genocide, Holodomor. CLICK HERE  for a transcript

  7th June 2003

   In October 1932, Gareth predicted the Imminent Soviet Famine. Click Here  for recently acquired articles from the University College of Wales.

 13th May 2003

   Ukrainian Archives & News, headline story by Roman Revkniv, hails Gareth as ' Unsung Hero of Ukraine'. Click HERE for full story. Or Here for their current news.

  1st April 2003

   Ukraine Europe have written a French article on the campaign to revoke the 1932 Pulitzer prize from Walter Duranty. Click HERE to read the article in French

 10th March 2003

   David Williamson of The Western Mail has just written an article commemorating the 70th anniversary of Gareth's Great Soviet Famine-Genocide exposure of 1932-33, entitled: "Welshman's Stalin work still informing world ".  Click HERE for a full transcript.

 22nd January 2003

  Chapter 2 - Japan from the Siriol's book has now been added to the website in Adobe Acrobat format. Click Here to visit the book preview page.

 22nd Dec 2002

 CLICK HERE to see a collection of Soviet Political Propaganda Posters purchased by Gareth in 1931

 16th Dec 2002

   Reprint of part of the 1988 US Congress Commission into the Ukrainian Famine of 1932 -33 vindicating Gareth's international exposure of the above catastrophe. CLICK HERE for details.

 4th December 2002

  A full reproduction of  the book "Experiences of Russia 1931 - A Diary" taken from Gareth's notes is now online for your perusal.  CLICK HERE  to read the 342kb Adobe Acrobat PDF file. 

  26th Nov 2002

  In 1933, Gareth had a fascinating & confidential interview with the Soviet Foreign Minister, Litvinoff [Litvinov], in which he outlined the Soviet Foreign Policy. Litvinoff had a remarkable insight, and in retrospect prophesised future global events (including Hitler's invasion of Poland, the Japanese expansion in Manchukuo and the Far East, the invasion of the Soviet Union and the Japanese conflict with America with remarkable accuracy. *CLICK HERE* to view Gareth notes of this interview. 

 1st September 2002

   BBC Radio Wales transmits 1st of 2 programmes produced by Steve Groves on Gareth's life. For further details visit the BBC web site (Click Here). 

 14th August 2002

  'Rural Wales' articles of 1933 in addition to those found in In Search of News can be viewed HERE

 14th August 2002

  Dr Mueller was probably unjustly convicted in 1946 of Japanese war crimes for 'News Intelligence'.  Click HERE for a transcript of his submitted defence to the US Supreme Court. [awaiting courtesy permission to publish]

  14th August 2002

  Articles on Unemployment in the thirties are now online. Click HERE to |view.

  15th May 2002

  Irish Articles are now online. Click HERE to view.

  11th April 2002

 American Articles are now online. Click HERE to view.

  5th April 2002

 German Articles now finished. Click HERE to view

  21st March 2002

 First reprint of the book available for Welsh Retail distribution end March.

  15th March 2002

  Russian Articles have been added to site - German Articles to follow shortly.

  6th January 2002

  Gareth's Russian articles between 1930-33 have now been included into the website, which were the basis for The Soviet Union refusing the first foreign journalist an entry visa.. Click HERE to view the offending articles.

  6th October 2001

  Read the complimentary independent review of Manchukuo Incident by Dean Powell of The Western Mail. Click HERE to read the review.

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