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Political Propaganda Posters


The Soviet Union

purchased by Gareth Jones in Autumn 1931


This page has thumbnail pictures of Gareth Jones' collection of rare Soviet political propaganda posters, purchased  on his 1931 visit  to the Soviet Union with Jack Heinz II of Pittsburgh, USA. [These posters were discovered in 1990 by Nigel  Linsan Colley rolled up in Gareth's in his old attic bedroom under his bed (then belonging to Gareth's 94 year old elder sister Miss Gwyneth Vaughan Jones) in Barry, South Wales, approximately 55 years after his murder by bandits in Manchukuo.]


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hoover_crisis.jpg (155451 bytes) viktor_deni_1929.jpg (46854 bytes)
'The road  to worldwide October (revolution) - Hoover Plan - Crisis' . By Victor Deni
 (6' X 4' approx)
'Enemies of the 5-Year Plan' - Art By Viktor Deni 1931.  Poem by Denyan Bedny. 
keep_kulaks_out_of_collective_farms_1930.jpg (104254 bytes) on_guard_in_defence_of_socialism_1930.jpg (92619 bytes)
'We will keep out Kulaks from the Collective farms' - 1930. 20kopeks - Model Printing Press (50,000)
'We are on guard in defense of Socialism' (1930) - by MVVK (30,000)
road_to_worldwide_october_revolution.jpg (96555 bytes) poster 7.jpg (135290 bytes)
'Preparing Resistance to Growing Reaction'. By Letkar, 20 kopeks (20,000) No. 33
'Komsomol Members (Soviet Youth)  - Go into the front ranks of the Bolshevik Shock Brigade for sowing'. (1930) State Publishing House - 20 Kopeks (62,500)
poster 9_big.JPG (262261 bytes) imperialism_and_religion.jpg (275168 bytes)
'The Tractor is in the field; it is the end of the will of God' - 1930 
'Imperialism & Religion'.  By Cherepukhin
statutes_for_agricultural_coop_1930.jpg (496382 bytes) stalin_poster_1931.jpg (424823 bytes)
'(Legal) Statutes for Agricultural Cooperatives'. 1930.
'Working in a new way; leading in a new way -  Our production programme can and must be achieved' (23.6.31). Publishing House of the Peoples of the USSR.

elimination_of_literacy_1929.jpg (482888 bytes)

'We will fulfill the decisions of the party about the elimination of illiteracy'. 1929.
[Titles kindly translated by Dr Derek Spring, Nottingham University and by Alan Leigh-Richards, Newark.]

Collectivisation Propaganda Art in Donetsk Art Museum


 Kolkhozean Bazaar, 1934 (Kharhiv).

by O. O. Kokel  [Алексея Афанасьевича Кокеля] (1880 - 1956).

Donetsk Art Museum, Donetsk, Ukraine.

Oil Painting (approx 4m x 3m).


CLICK HERE for Medium Resolution Copy of Above Painting (120kb).

CLICK HERE for High Resolution Copy of Above Painting (744kb).

Gareth Jones Lecture Tour Poster

Below is a poster relating to one of Gareth's lecture tour engagements, at the Bournemouth Pavilion on Friday 13th October 1933; which was probably a means of personally funding his journalistic independence, as opposed to being beholden to any {press baron / publisher}employer's political views. [Click on image for higher resolution copy].




To discover a new website with contemporary political posters commemorating the horrors of the Holodomor, please visit:

Another very useful website with hyperlinks to many other sites containing Soviet posters  is 


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