Gareth Jones Trilingual Memorial Plaque

Aberystwyth - May 2006

               The unveiling ceremony

Plaque Honouring Welsh Journalist, Gareth Jones' Exposure of the Holodomor, Unveiled At University of Wales on 2nd May 2006.

On Tuesday, 2 May 2006, a historical plaque honouring the Welsh journalist, Gareth R V Jones, was unveiled at The University of Wales, Aberystwyth. Jones was one of the first Western journalists to travel to, and report truthfully on, the Great Famine of 1932-1933 in Soviet Ukraine, the Holodomor. For that he was denounced by the Soviet authorities and by their sympathizers in the West, including the notorious New York Times correspondent, Walter Duranty, who would go on to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his supposedly objective reporting on events in the Soviet Union. Jones was later murdered by Chinese bandits in Manchukuo, in August 1935

Following the Memorial Service in the University Chapel, with remarks by Lord Elystan Morgan [CLICK HERE], president of the University, and speeches by Ihor Kharchenko, Ukrainian Ambassador to London [CLICK HERE]; Professor Lubomyr Luciuk, on behalf of the Ukrainian Canadian community; Dr Margaret Siriol Colley [CLICK HERE] and Nigel Linsan Colley [CLICK HERE], relatives of the late Gareth Jones, the trilingual (Welsh, English, Ukrainian) plaque was unveiled in The Quadrangle of the Old College.

Organized by the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Foundation, with the support of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Churches of Great Britain, Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain, the Ukrainian American Civil Liberties Association, and other donors, the bronze plaque is adorned with a bas relief of Gareth Jones, prepared by Toronto sculptor, Oleh Lesiuk. This was the first-ever historical marker including not only the English and Welsh languages but Ukrainian as well.

Transcripts of Speeches

  1. Lord Elystan Morgan [CLICK HERE]

  2. Ihor Kharchenko; Ukrainian Ambassador to London [CLICK HERE]

  3. Dr Margaret Siriol Colley [CLICK HERE]

  4. Nigel Linsan Colley [CLICK HERE]

For Some of the Known Links and Transcriptions of Media Coverage from the Event:

  1. BBC News Online - 2nd May 2006 - 'Unsung hero' reporter remembered CLICK HERE

  2. News Wales - 2nd May 2006 - Welsh journalist who exposed horrors of Stalin CLICK HERE 

  3. The London Times - 2nd May, page 4 - News - Memorial to Famine Reporter. CLICK HERE (full page) - CLICK HERE (for detail).

  4. The Western Mail - 3rd May 2006, page 20 Wednesday Comment; Gareth Jones & Stalin's Genocide. CLICK HERE

  5. BBC Wales TV - 3 minute broadcast 6.30pm 2nd May 2006 - Presenter; Steve Jones. CLICK HERE to view a video clip on web. Or CLICK HERE for low res video &  CLICK HERE for (slow) download 2mb Higher Resolution Video.

  1. S4C TV - Wedi7 - 7pm - 2nd May 2006. CLICK HERE to view online (article is at end of programme) .Thanks again to Alun and crew!

  2. BBC World Ukrainian Service - 2nd May 2006. Вшанування журналіста, який писав правду про Голодомор CLICK HERE .

  3.  28th April 2006 (Lubomyr Luciuk's account of Gareth Jones) Любомир Луцюк: Вшануймо правду, пам'ятаймо Ґарета Джонса CLICK HERE

  4. - Відкрито пам'ятну дошку валійцеві, якого вбили за Голодомор by Liubomyr Krupnyc'kiy (The historical plaque honouring the Welsh journalist, killed by NKVD, was unveiled at The University of Wales). CLICK HERE

  5. Nottingham Evening Post - Sat 29th April - Page 4 - Tribute to Man Who Knew Too Much CLICK HERE

  6. The Ukrainian Weekly, No. 18, 2006 - Sunday 30th April - Commentary - Remembering Gareth Jones in Wales by Lubomyr Luciuk. CLICK HERE

  7. BBC Radio 5 Live 'Up All Night'  Russian Slot - 3.05am Wednesday 3rd May.

  8. Barry & District News - 6th May 2006 - "Unsung Hero" CLICK HERE.

Thanks to all who everyone who helped publicise / report and thereby making the event so successful...

For Photos (currently received) of the Event, Click on Thumbnails for Greater Detail:

    Prof Lubomyr Luciuk & Nigel Colley

Lubomyr Luciuk, Siriol Colley,

 Nigel Colley & Ihor Kharchenko,

 Ukrainian Ambassador to London.

  Siriol & Nigel Colley with the Ambassador.  
Lord Elystan Morgan    
The Old College Nigel Linsan Colley  
  Siriol Colley Speaking  
  Professor Noel Lloyd, Vice Chancellor & Nigel Colley  
Blessing of the Plaque Siriol Interviewed on the BBC World Service The Quadrangle of the Old College

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