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Craftsmen of Wales

The following articles were first published in the summer of 1933 entitled  "Craftsmen of Wales" and compliment the compendium of articles covering Gareth's time at The Western Mail:

  1. DANIEL RHYDDERCH OF ABERLOCH. Family’s 300 Years Reign in Hammer Mill. A DYING RURAL INDUSTRY. (17/7/33)
  2. JAMES WALTERS - MASTER BASKET MAKER. A Craft for Leisure and not Profit. (19/7/33)
  4. A POET IN THE CLOGMAKERS SHOP OF TANYGROES. Why the Sycamore is the Sacred wood of the Craft. (22/7/33)
  5. THE CORACLE BUILDER OF CENARTH. Industry that dates from Pre-Roman Times. (28/7/33)
  6. HOME OF A FORMER WELSH OIL INDUSTRY. When Oaks Were Brought to Brechfa Works. (8/8/33)
  7. THE PUMP BUILDER OF LLANYBYTHER.  Old-Fashioned in Drills. Still in Use. (9/8/33)
  8. THE COOPER-PHILOSOPHER OF ALLT-Y-BLACA. A League of Nations Symbol In Wood. (10/8/33)
  9. THE FARM-WORKSHOP ON THE HILL. Richard Richards, Llansadwrn. (17/10/33)
  10. TRAMPING IN THREE WELSH COUNTIES. Search for Old Celtic Qualities. (11/9/33)
  11. TRAMPING IN THREE WELSH COUNTIES. Mining Town Brimming Over with Music. (13/9/33)
  12. TWEED-MAKERS IN A GLEN AT TALYBONT. Mill Founded in 1809. (18/10/33)
  13. HARP THAT WAS PLAYED BY PENCERDD GWALIA. The Wheelwright’s Collection. (5/3/34)

The penultimate two articles from the series "Horse and Hounds" were published in February 1934:

  1. WITH HORSE AND HOUNDS. The Hounds of Glamorgan. (uncertain/2/34)
  2. WITH HORSE AND HOUNDS. Jack Poletty of the Glyn Celyn Beagles.  (14/2/34)
  3. WELSH HOUNDS - “Finest in the World”.  Descendants of Famous Pack. (26/2/34)

On the link below, there are several more Rural Wales articles from the same series, which were reprinted in In Search of News, a commemorative compendium of Gareth's work whilst in the employ of The Western Mail :


The last article here related to Wales is an interview with the Scottish politician & author of The Thirty Nine Steps, John Buchan:

  1. John Buchan comes to learn about Wales. (16/8/33)










(1905 -35)

(With special thanks to Dr. Alun Jones for researching and chronologically listing all of Gareth's published articles.)


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