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In 1931, after being the research advisor in Foreign Affairs to Mr David Lloyd George, the former Liberal Prime Minister, Gareth became Assistant to Mr Ivy Lee of New York, the world's largest public relations advisor; counsel to many major clients including: Rockefeller, Pennsylvania Railroad, Chrysler, Heinz and other American business institutions. 


It was during this time in 1931-32 that Gareth took a great interest in the World Financial Consequences of the war reparations resulting from the 1919 Treaty of Versailles.


Gareth only spent a year with Mr Ivy Lee, on account of the Depression in America, before returning to spend a further period in the office of David Lloyd George, but wrote several articles for The Western Mail during his time in New York. 


Gareth made his final visit to the U.S. in 1935 on his way to the Far East, which provided further articles often with even more of a Welsh slant. Below links can be found to all his published articles about America:

  1.  Fascist Dictatorship for Germany - Now Possibility, Development - Specially written for the N. Y. American. A Paper ‘For People Who Think’. (Sunday, November 29th 1931)

  2. The World in 1931.  A Retrospect of the Banking Crisis. Before long the statesmen of the world will meet to decide on reparations and inter-Allied debts.  Will they save Germany, and thus the world? (Western Mail. December 1931).

  3.    Land of Tragedy and Disillusion.  Disillusionment at America’s shattered prosperity. "The “New Era” had come!  There were to be more and more riches.  Buy, buy, buy! was the slogan.  Don’t save! But spend, spend! "(Western Mail. March 1932).

  4.    Amazing Poverty Amid Glut of Gold.  “Never in the whole course of history have the stockings, the teapots, and the mattresses of America been so full of currency as they are to-day.” (Western Mail. March 1932).

  5.    Mayor Walker's Secret.  "What a difference between the rulers of New York and some of the best types in Welsh Life, who sacrifice leisure and health for the public good!" (Western Mail. September 1932.)

  6.    Welshman's Bid for Presidency.  “The finest politician I’ve met in America is a fellow-Welshman, your Socialist candidate for Presidency, Norman Thomas.” (Western Mail. October 1932).

  7.    How America Sees the War Debt Question. "Will not Europe spend still more on weapons of destruction if they are let off their debts?" (Western Mail. November 1932).

  8.    Shadows of the Old Year. One that Vanished. "Three shadows which cast a gloom over the world in 1931 - the shadow of Economic Collapse, the shadow of the Machine, and the shadow of War. " (Western Mail. December 1932)

  9.    President Roosevelt and the America of the Future. "The 'New Deal' - Roosevelt is the only ruler in the world who is trying to introduce a planned economy without abandoning democracy. (Western Mail. January 1934).

  10.    World Peace in the Hands of the Anglo-Saxons.  “If the British Empire & the U.S. had the greatest sea and air forces in the world they could probably work together to make sure that peace and security of the world be maintained.” - Randolph Hearst, Interviewed at St. Donat's Castle, Cardiff. (Western Mail. June 1934).

  11.    Welding a Nation. (United States Under Roosevelt -i).  "Under President Roosevelt a national revolution is in progress and that the United States is at last becoming a “United State.” (Manchester Guardian. January 1935).

  12.    The 'New Deal' - Its Formidable Opponents. (United States Under Roosevelt - ii).  "In spite of severe criticism throughout the country, the United States has made under President Roosevelt considerable progress in the welfare of its citizens." (Manchester Guardian. January 1935).

  13.    Menace of War Between America and Japan Non-existent.  "Mr. Saito [Japanese Ambassador to Washington], laughed away prophecies of war between Japan and America.  “There are no causes of conflict between the United States and Japan.” (Western Mail. March 1935.)

  14.    Frank Lloyd Wright.  "With his piercing, witty sparkling twinkle which is ever playing around his lips, with the deep sincerity of his musical voice, with the force and faith of his views, and with the charm which he radiates, he has fascinated me more than any man with the exception of Mr. Lloyd George."  (Western Mail. February 1935.)

  15.  Wales, Wisconsin. Cardiff Western Mail, March 29th 1935. "From the whirl, the crash and the glaring lights of Chicago and Milwaukee I descended upon the calm and the dignity of the Welsh community of Waukesha County."

(With special thanks to Dr. Alun Jones of for researching and chronologically listing all of Gareth's published articles.)

Below are two supplementary articles relating to Gareth's understanding of the The Gold Crisis and War Reparations of  European Nations.

  1.    Financial Consequences of the War.  A long academic paper by Francis Delaise from  the Revue des Vivants, on how as a result of the Great War, the United States had accumulated two thirds of the entire gold stock in the world. (May 1933).

  1.    A Publication on War Debts and The Gold Crisis.  An address delivered by Ivy Less, at DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, February 21, 1932.  








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