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The Gareth Jones Memorial Travelling Scholarship

This Scholarship is provided from the income of a Memorial Fund raised by public subscription to perpetuate the memory of Gareth Richard Vaughan Jones, a graduate of the University, who met his death at the hand of bandits in Inner Mongolia, 12 August, 1935.

  1. The Gareth Jones Memorial Scholarship will be awarded annually by the University to a graduate of the University of Wales on the recommendation of the Academic Board provided a suitable candidate is forthcoming.

  2. The Scholarship will be of the value of approximately £3,000 payable in two instalments. The period of the tenure of the Scholarship shall be decided by the Academic Board.

  3. The object of the Scholarship is to enable the holder to travel in foreign countries with a view to facilitating his/her study of international relations. No obligation to pursue a specific scheme of study shall be attached to the award of the Scholarship.

  4. Preference will be given to a graduate of the University who signifies his/her intention to pursue or continue a scheme of study in preparation for work in journalism bearing on international affairs or for entry into State or other services relating to international affairs.

  5. The holder of the Scholarship shall, at the conclusion of his/her tenure, submit a report of the work to the University through the Secretary General of the University. 

  6. Applications for the award of the Scholarship must reach the Secretary General of the University, University Registry, Cathays Park, Cardiff CFlO 3NS, on or before 1 June

For current conditions for eligibity and exact details of Gareth's scholarship, then please CLICK HERE

For the background of how the fund was inaugurated, in August 1935 the following article appeared in The Western Mail:

Gareth Jones Memorial Scholarship

Fulfilling a Long-felt Need 

£100 Each From Lord Davies and Mr. Randolph Hearst; Plan Widely Welcomed 

To the Editor of the Western Mail & South Wales News. 

Sir,—In his, tribute to Gareth Jones last Sunday the Rev Gwilym Davies stressed the need for generation of men and women equipped with an understanding of other peoples in this rapidly shrinking world.

Everyone feels the inspiration of Gareth Jones’s determination, not sc much to see the world as to know it, and there must be many Welshmen who would give much to follow, in however small a way, the trail that he has blazed. Unfortunately circumstances are ever between young Welshmen and their goals. Foreign travel is still an expensive ­luxury and one that those who could use it best can least afford. 


At Oxford and Cambridge there is scarcely a college that is not endowed in some small way with a travelling scholarship or bursary. For each long vacation one or two fortunate under­graduates are awarded a bursary enabling them to spend a month in some foreign country.

Since our worst fears were realised, the thoughts of many people must have been directed to an appropriate form of memorial to Gareth Jones.

We can envisage nothing so suitable as the establishment, in his name, at the University of Wales of such scholarships for travel abroad.  


These scholarships would not only fulfill a long-felt want, but they would also constitute a form of memorial which, we venture to think, would have appealed above all others to Gareth him­self. it was by his frequent visits to the Continent, often on a tramp steamer, that he laid the foundation of his mastery of languages, graduated in his knowledge of human nature and learned to become what the Americans call “a good mixer”!

We know there are very many who would like to think that every year two young Welshmen visit a foreign land in memory of Gareth Jones.  It is not a task beyond the powers of the Western Mail to bring this about by organising a fund and presenting it to the University authorities.

His own death calls not for revenge but for a better understanding amongst

the people of the world.—Yours, &c.,



Cardiff, Aug.28.[1935]  

Mr. Hearst's Tribute 

Mr. W. R. Hearst cabled to Mr. J. A. Sandbrook editor-in-chief Western Mail & Echo Ltd., as follows:

Very glad to contribute £100 to Gareth Jones Memorial. He was a fine man and a great journalist.

I first met him at St. Donat’s where you sent him to talk to me. We had a delightful conversation and I was greatly impressed by his ability, knowledge, fearlessness and fairness. These qualities are important in any man, but particularly important in a journalist.

I was greatly shocked to learn of Mr. Jones’s death.  A memorial is all we can do now to show our respect and admiration for him.

You may not wish to publish my political viewpoint, but I do not see what right the Chinese have a land to which they are so absolutely incapable of governing.

As retribution for the death of this outstanding young man and of many others, I would like to see that wretched country pass into the control of some civilized people who are capable of punishing murder and restoring peace and order.

The 2003 Gareth Jones Memorial Scholarship



Ysgrifennydd Academaidd / Academic Secretary

Deborah J Bradley BA

Cofrestrfa’r Brifysgol Rhodfa’r Brenin Edward VII

Parc Cathays Caerdydd CFIO 3Ns

University Registry King Edward VII Avenue

Cathays Park, Cardiff CF1O 3NS

Date: 28 August 2003

Dear Dr Colley,

Gareth Jones Memorial Travelling Scholarship, 2003

I am pleased to be able to inform you that one Gareth Jones Scholarship has been awarded this year. The award has been made to John Perkins, who is proposing to undertake a two-week trip to Israel and Palestine in October. Mr Perkins, a member of staff at the University of Wales, Bangor, has worked with Christian Aid in a voluntary capacity for twelve years, and the aim of his trip is to promote peace and reconciliation between Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities in the area. On his return he intends to raise understanding of these issues in Wales by way of media opportunities and presentations to communities and churches.

The tenure of the award shall run until 31 May 2004, which should enable us to make a further award or awards next year.

With thanks for your continued support for this Scholarship.

Yours sincerely



Clerical Officer

Current Holder: (2004):  William Henley  - Awaiting a submission of his report....

Click HERE for a direct link to The University of Wales Website with full details of the Travel Scholarship fund and click HERE for links to background information as to how the memorial fund was set up by Sir Robert Webber, Editor of The Western Mail and also a list of the original contributors.

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