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James Mace Memorial Panel

New evidence on how the famine was eye-witnessed and concealed.

IAUS Congress, Donetsk, Ukraine, on Wednesday 29th June 2005.

Chaired by Professor Mark von Hagen (a.m.) and Vasyl' Marochko (p.m.)



Ukrainian President, Victor Yushchenko, on hearing of Jim's death in May 2004 was quoted in "Our Ukraine" Press,, Kyiv, Ukraine, on Wed, May 5, 2004:

KYIV - "My heart bled when I learned about this great loss. James Mace - an eminent historian and a remarkable person - passed away. An American professor and academic historian had a unique feature, rare in our times: complete integrity, he wanted to learn the truth and spoke nothing but the truth."


Jim's last trip to New York, 2003:

These are some of the last photos taken of Jim whilst in New York during the 70th Holodomor Commemorations in 2003:

 James Mace & Siriol Colley speaking at the Shevchenko Scientific Society, New York, November 2003.

James Mace with Mark von Hagen & Siriol Colley at The International Holodomor Conference at Columbia University, 10 Nov 2003.

Happier times... Jim's ' Last Supper' in NYC (L-R) Natalia Dziubenko-Mace, his hosts; the Chelak family, Nigel Colley, Cher Madden &  'Jim' at the Kiev restaurant in Manhattan on the evening of 10 Nov 2003.


Donetsk Panel Papers:


Title of Paper

Photos from Panel

(Click on photos for more detail)

M. Siriol Colley (UK)
"More than a Grain of Truth"

[CLICK HERE for Adobe Acrobat Format]

[CLICK HERE for MS Word Format]

Nigel Linsan Colley (UK):
"The Foreign Press in Moscow, 1932-33"

[CLICK HERE for Adobe Acrobat Format]

[CLICK HERE for MS Word Format]

Etienne Thevenin

(U. Of Nancy):

"France, Allemagne et Autriche face ŕ la famine de 1932-1933 en Ukraine"

[CLICK HERE for Adobe Acrobat Format in original language of French]

[CLICK HERE for MS Word Format in original language of French]


"France, Germany and Austria Facing the Famine of 1932-1933 in Ukraine"

[CLICK HERE for Adobe Acrobat Format loosely translated into English]

CLICK HERE for loosely translated English Version in MS Word format.

Paper delivered in absentia, by Federigo Argentieri.

Jan Jacek Bruski (Jagiellonian University Cracow)

"Polska dyplomacja wobec Wielkiego Głodu na Ukrainie, 1932-1933"

[CLICK HERE for full speech in Polish - txt  Format]


"The Polish Diplomacy and the Great Famine, 1932-1933"

[CLICK HERE for English précis in Adobe Acrobat Format]

[CLICK HERE for English Precis in MS Word Format]

Federigo Argentieri

(John Cabot U, Rome)

"Mussolini and Ukraine, 1933  -  1941"

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Vasyl' Marochko (Ukrainian Academy of Sciences) "Sucasna ukrajins'ka ta
rosijs'ka istoriohrafija na holod v Ukrajini: porivniannja pokolin'"


Marochko criticised the Ukrainian government and academia for inadequate support for his historical centre, based on a similar Polish Institute of National Memory.  He also told about the once-considerable collaboration between Ukrainian and Russian historians, but how each side held to its own position.  The Ukrainians insist that the famine was man-made and deliberate, if not genocide by Stalin and his leadership against Ukraine, while the Russians emphasize the all-Soviet character of the famine and downplay the aspect of man-made or deliberate.

He also said that the archives contain an considerable amount of documents on cannibalism, and no one so far has felt prepared to dig into them. He concluded by saying the more time passes, the more we will know how awful that was - thanks to the documents that will surface...



Collectivisation Propaganda Art in Donetsk Art Museum


 Kolkhozean Bazaar, 1934 (Kharhiv).

by O. O. Kokel  [Алексея Афанасьевича Кокеля] (1880 - 1956).

Donetsk Art Museum, Donetsk, Ukraine.

Oil Painting (approx 4m x 3m).


CLICK HERE for Medium Resolution Copy of Above Painting (120kb).

CLICK HERE for High Resolution Copy of Above Painting (744kb).


All Photographs [except that of Etienne Thevenin]  copyright Gareth Jones Archives, 2005. All rights reserved.

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