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Gareth Jones: A Manchukuo Incident

The web page links below will allow you a preview of just four chapters from Margaret Siriol Colley's 300-page book, Gareth Jones: A Manchukuo Incident, which contains over 100 photos, many taken by Gareth.

Click on the link 'My Uncle Gareth' to read an introductory chapter about Gareth's short eventful life prior to his fascinating 'Final Journey' into Japanese controlled Manchuria [Manchukuo / Manchuguo], from where he was never to return alive. 

'Capturing the News' has two short chapters relating to Gareth's kidnapping as told by the press over two weeks in August 1935...  

After which follows the main two sections of Siriol Colley's book which were painstakingly complied and researched over ten years (and for obvious book sales considerations have been omitted from this web preview!)  

The first section covers Gareth's fascinating Far Eastern travelogue pieced together from his numerous letters, diaries, interviews and notes.  The second then section provides a retrospective and in-depth investigation into his murder (utilising many sources including almost 400 pages of  classified British Foreign Office records; kept secret under the 30 year rule). 

However to get a better understanding of the full structure of the book, and also discover some minor sections of the book, then by clicking HERE will take you to the Table of Contents page for the whole book.

Finally the last link on this page gives an in-depth  'Historical  Background' to the politics of the Far East and especially Manchukuo [Manchuguo] (Japanese controlled Manchuria) prior to Gareth's fact-finding tour in 1935.

N.B. These previews can be viewed in two ways. Click on the yellow links below to read on line using your web browser, or alternatively you can view and print out the most revised version (for personal use only) using Adobe Acrobat Reader if it is already installed on your PC.


1) An Introduction to Gareth's life...

My Uncle Gareth - (HTML format)


Adobe Acrobat Version- 481Kb

2) Gareth's last letter from Inner Mongolia before his kidnapping...

The Final Journey


 Acrobat Version  1.1Mb

CLICK HERE to view part one of a (3mb) PDF with legible images Gareth's actual ltter home to his parents & CLICK HERE for part two.

3) Chapter 2 - Japan - Across America (staying with Frank Lloyd Wright & Randolph Hearst at St Simeon) through to Japan, and includes several interviews with important Japanese military leaders.

Acrobat (no pics 128kb)


Acrobat (with pics 1Mb)

4) The kidnapping as reported by the world's press...

Capturing the News


Adobe Acrobat Version  154Kb

5) Press coverage in the aftermath of Gareth's murder...

The Tragic End

6) A political history of the Far East cauldron in which Gareth found himself in 1935.

Historical Background


Adobe Acrobat Version- 148Kb


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