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Gareth's Diary Notes of Meeting Hitler & Goebbels in February, 1933


The following 3-pages show legible images from Gareth's unique personal diary notes of his trip to Germany in February 1933, when he became the first foreign journalist to fly with Hitler on 23rd February 1933 after Hitler became Chancellor on 30th January 1933.

Afterwards, there is a page of his description of attending a Nazi Rally of 25,000 hysterical supporters, whilst sitting just a few feet from Hitler on the stage.

Finally, there is a link to a private & illuminating conversation with Goebbels at dinner in a 5-star hotel, after the rally, where Goebbels told Gareth that the Nazis  would never give up power - just four days before the burning of the Reichstag.

[Historically, one should note that just 10-days after this meeting with Goebbels  & Hitler, Gareth had arrived in Moscow, before setting-off on his off-limits trek within Ukraine (sleeping on peasants' floors), in order eventually, to expose the famine in Berlin on the 29th March 1933.]

However, one should remember that these were diary notes of a journalist - so, I would strongly suggest you first read Gareth's published articles (and use them in conjunction with my transcriptions of his hand-writing and occasionally almost illegible,  blunt-penciled scribbles:

  1. Gareth  Flies with Hitler:

    Gareth describes Hitler as a middle-class grocer and Goebbels as a South Wales Miner:

    1. For Gareth's Diary Notes  CLICK HERE

    2. For a downloadable PDF of images of Gareth's dairy notes CLICK HERE

    3. For an online, legible version, then please CLICK HERE to view a PDF facsimile of Gareth's diary of flying with Hitler.
    4. For Gareth's corresponding published newspaper article; entitled 'With Hitler Across Germany'  Click Here [N.B. In his published article he presciently changes his initial diary note of from;  'If this aeroplane should crash, the whole history of GERMANY would change' to 'If this aeroplane should crash then the whole history of EUROPE would be changed.'!]

  2. Gareth Attends a Nazi Rally at Frankfurt in Hitler's Entourage

    Here,  he describes Hitler's oratory with Lloyd George and the pandemonium & hysteria of  a 25,000 crowd

    1. For Gareth's Diary Notes CLICK HERE

    2. For a downloadable PDF of corresponding images from Gareth's diary notes of the Nazi rally - CLICK HERE

    3. For Corresponding Newspaper articles:

      1. For "Beginning of German Fascism" CLICK HERE

      2. For "Primitive Worship Of Hitler" CLICK HERE

  3. Gareth Private Interview at dinner with Goebbels after the Frankfurt rally

    Here, four days before the burning of the Reichstag, Gareth is informed that the Nazis will never give up power: (but, was is purely coincidental?)

    1. For Gareth's Diary Notes CLICK HERE

    2. For a downloadable PDF of corresponding images from Gareth's diary notes of his interview with Goebbels  - CLICK HERE

    3. In 2010 Dr Toby Thacker of Cardiff University, an historical expert on Goebbels, discovered that Gareth had indeed made a memorable impression on Goebbels, as Goebbels referred to Gareth within his own personal diary - To view a transcript of Goebbels' diary entry CLICK HERE.

[For academic completeness (of all images of this diary), then  CLICK HERE  for untranscribed, preceding pages of the dairy]

For a full list of Gareth's German articles documenting the rise of Fascism articles between 1933 & 1934; including his incredulity at Hitler's anti-Semitic policies & his incisive take on the 'Night of the long Knives, the please  CLICK HERE


To see un-transcribed images of all of Gareth's historically important, Soviet diaries, then please CLICK HERE

Gareth's Flight With Hitler

Full Diary Transcript of Flight with Hitler:

In Aeroplane over Berlin – Snow

If aeroplane should crash whole history of Germany would change.

Hitler a few feet away; Goebbels behind him.

Lunch at Delmer’s with [Ernst] Hanfstaengl  

[FYI - Sefton Delmer was the London Daily Express Germany Correspondent who travelled with Gareth on this same flight – he was also, personally with Hitler four days later as Hitler walked around the ruins of burnt-out Reichstag

Ernst Hanfstaengl organised Hitler’s Foreign Relations with the press and had invited Gareth to fly with Hitler in the summer of 1932, during the German General election, but on that occasion Gareth was not able to travel.]

Then taxi through Berlin to Templehofen

“We are the following of the Chancellor”.

“Then go to the right. Taxi took us.

Saw huge aeroplane…

…with three motors. Monoplane.

“Richthofen”, the fastest & best aeroplane in Germany. Can fly 240 kilometers per hour.

"The leader has not yet come."

H [Hanfstaengl]: Let me introduce you [? to Goebbels].

[Describing Goebbels] Standing near was a little man with remarkably lively eyes; very dark with great sense of [Next page] humour; narrow head; like South Wales collier; very intelligent – brown eyes.

(One of the bodyguard is eating a boiled egg.)

(Goebbels is eating a cheese sandwich.)

Most sympathetic friendly; always smiling.

“Dr. Goebbels.”

Pretty wife, blonde [probably referring to Magda Goebbels?]

(Bodyguard offers me a boiled egg.)

Goebbels laughs all the time; he is… be one of the great figures in Germany. Looks a ‘brain’; smart.

Then met the bodyguard; smiling, friendly men with humour, but strong.

They have a black uniform with a black cap with a silver skull and cross-bones.

Now we are flying through mist and can see [new page] only the clouds.

“The Chancellor has left the Kaiserhof & will be hear [sic] at any moment.”

Am introduced to Hitler’s pilot, Bauer, a well-known war pilot, face beaming over.”

Out of the mist, the engines to the left are gleaming; sun [?] shining; but white clouds below.

Goebbels smiles,

Tremendous sense of humour, pale [face?], dark hair.

Reading the ‘Angriff’ [Goebbels’ own Nazi newspaper founded 1927 meaning ‘the attack’] and looking at the headline; “50,000 hear Dr. Goebbels in Hanover”.


Then a cry; “The Leader is coming.” A car drives through the snow. Out steps a very ordinary looking man. It [New page] is a mystery to me how he has his appeal. Looks like middle-class grocer; has an ordinary greyish brown mackintosh, just as everybody has. His hair is fairly dark & brushed.

(The chief of the bodyguard is drinking soda water & turns laughingly to me & drinks to my health.)

Hitler is reading a blue memorandum

Hitler surprised me by his smile, quite intelligent, natural & humour. Not a poseur, natural, came out of car; no tragic gestures; just an ordinary man.

He saw Goebbels new car; most interested. Gets inside, wants to learn all about it. The new brown car with [New page] Hitler inside is driving through the snow; hooting. Hitler comes out – just like a boy.

Am introduced.

Tiny [dull?] brown moustache

“Einsteiian" [comparing moustaches?]

Delmer of the “Express” takes moving photographs.

Hitler not closely protected. Bodyguard just chats around; one gives his photo as boxer to Delmer.

Hitler now…

... sits a few feet to the right.

Room for 16


* Hanfstaengl                * Goebbel’s Sec. (grey with beard).

* [Adj. Bruckner?]       * Hitler

*                                  * Goebbels

* Delmer                      * Head of Bodyguard

* GJ [Gareth]               * Bodyguard

* Bodyguard                * Bodyguard

* Bodyguard


S.S. black armlet – red with black swastika on white.

 [New Page]

Head of bodyguard is a lively fellow; joking all the time. Scar.

Hitler studied map.

Then reads ‘Berliner Illustrate Zeitung”.

Beneath us is now a sea of clouds, but above absolutely clear blue sky.

1500 meters high.

There is one small Hitler flag.

 Goebbels wants a haircut.

([GJ] Am wearing Shon??’s tie).

Hitler very ordinary face.

Clouds are beautiful, remarkable formation fleecy waves.

Difficult to write; consequently in aeroplane; disjointed.

Hitler reads the joke pages and laughs. Yes, splendid [new page] humour. Shows it to Goebbels; Goebbels laughs.

Nothing cold here; more Southern Bavarian.

Huge aeroplane. Wings very long.

Delmer & I are first [journalists] to accompany Hitler since he was Chancellor.

Left of Hitler is Capt. Brückner, his adjutant; [not shown in Gareth’s seating plan – possibly omitted by mistake?] a big…


Fair fellow.

Hitler reads UHU [Ullstein magazine –  German satirical magazine of the 1920/30s] after admiring the photo of two girls on front page of Berliner Illust. Zeitung.

D-2202 Black grey on [the Junker plane’s number – the prefix D-220X refers to Hitler’s Squadron] wingspan.

Now clearing up underneath.

We can see the Elbe curving.

1,700 meters high [new page]


White underneath.

Hitler opposed to bad literature.

Elbe? [GJ Tick to confirm correct river beneath them.]

Tomorrow night Goebbels & Prince August Wilhelm are speaking in the Sports Palace.

Goebbels [??] assistant brings Wilson; Peace Offer to Goebbels.

Goebbels said yesterday; “On Jan 30 a fundamental change took place in German…

 political life. The men of the Nat. Socialist Movement [?] declared on that day that the policy carried on since Nov 1919 is over. We shall begin anew in Germany and its his ambition  to clear away root and branch within 4 years  all remains of Internationalist Marxist Policy in Germany.”

Brückner is a huge fellow, massive, [new page] fair hair.

Hitler was in prison.

Unemployment figures 5.??

6,047,000 (80,000 less than last year.)

An increase of 30,000 over end of Jan

- - - -

Delmer: “Germany has always been military. They’ll act far quicker in Eastern parts than you think. They have

 …the arms.

Now clouds again.



“Prussia is being cleaned.”

Hitler has head on his hand, looks as if sleeping.

Absolutely calm. No movement.

Easy to write.

[New Page]



Now 2,200 meters high (6750 feet)


“With the 2 million dead, whom the war took away from us rests the father of the young storm.

Tough man, Gerhard Schlemminger. He fell for Germany, left a young wife behind with two children, a boy and a girl.

 She bravely went along the path of duty and educated her children to be sincere honourable German citizens in the decadent post-war days of vice and confusion. Her son, Gerhard Schlemminger  gave all his energy of the liberation of Germany, until yesterday at the age of 20, he was struck dead by a murderous Bolshevik bullet.”

We are flying [at] 225km/ hour.

[new page]

Goebbels – very large intelligent brow.

Bodyguard rag [plays practical joke] one man who sleeps; cover him with papers, etc..


Flag before, Red “Deutschland Erwache”! [Germany Awakens!]

Hitler does not drink alcohol or does not smoke.


“Von Gleichen is the man who has tried to smash Hitler in every way by friendship & opposition.” Intrigue.

It was probably [?] he who walked out when the Empress & Hitler met.

It must have been sad for the Empress Hermione to see that the whole atmosphere was pro-Hitler in a [new page]

New spirit and not the old.

Hitler speech is just like Revivalist.

Hitler not for the monarchy.

The Kaiserin has failed to get Hitler.


Hitler will stay –Digging himself in. Abolutely Ruthless.


 Fascism is beginning.

Delmer said: ‘he remembered how he'd begun an interview in 1930; ‘Germany is going with great strides towards Fascism.’

Now coming true.

Delmer: Must get the human [values?] “The wealthiest woman in Germany [new page] is tonight the unhappiest. Hermione, the wife of the Kaiser, has failed in her mission to convert Hitler to Monarchism.”

Fascism is beginning. Talking to ??? London.

Mainly against Marxism.

Kir[s]chstein [One of Hitler bodyguard on flight or met at Hotel (and part of next section of Nazi rally? I am not sure, but from published article seems to be a Nazi whom GJ met at the Frankfurt hotel prior to rally.]

Murderer. Tall well-built young man; row of white teeth; like a smart bus driver.

S.S. Schutstaffel with skull & cross-bones (the eye-cavity being red).

[new page]

“Yes, the Communists attacked our meeting place. There was a fight. I took one and crashed his skull apart [on] the piano. His skull was broken immediately.

“I was amnestied on my birthday.”

“9 Communists were wounded in that fight.”

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