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  In the Spring of 1933, after a further short period with David Lloyd George, he joined The Western Mail newspaper and most of his articles were printed by this press.  During his time with the paper he visited Ireland, wrote on the Irish problem and interviewed a number of influential politicians including Prime Minister de Valera.  

The Enigma of Ireland (November 1933):


  1.    Ulster a Centre of Uneasiness and Strife. Dangers Behind Religious Antagonism.   ... I found myself on the Belfast boat watching the lights of Liverpool twinkle good-night, and wondering whether I should ever glean the slightest information about that most fascinating and yet most tragic of enigmas - the enigma of Ireland. 

  2.    Hatred of the British and Internal Dissention - That Are Splitting the Country. ... Imagine the bitterness that would exist in any South Wales town in which a spot could be pointed out where the enemy had shot a fellow-citizen.

  3.    Mr. Cosgroves Fight for the Treaty. How Farmers have been Hit by Mr. de Valera’s Policy.  ... and I asked myself who are these Blue Shirts?

  4.    Policy of the Irish Republican Army. Armed Force Independent of Mr. de Valera.

        ... Dublin looks cool, calm, and collected.  With its dignified red brick Georgian houses, with its prosperous streets, and the normal appearance of its brisk population, I found it difficult to realise that beneath the surface there was a large force in armed opposition to the Free State - the Irish Republican Army (I.R.A.). 

  5.    Why Mr. De Valera Hesitates to Declare a Republic.. “In the event of the re-proclaiming of the Republic, England could do nothing.  She might bluster and threaten and weep about the disintegration of the Empire, but she would take no action.” 

  6.    How Long Can Free State Maintain the Economic War? Reserves That Were Built By Mr. Cosgrave. The Irish Free State is a nation at war.  You do not hear the roar of big guns nor the rattle of machine-guns, for the weapon is more subtle; it is the weapon of the tariff, and it is being used with force by the two combatants - the British Government and Mr. de Valera’s Governnent. 


Below are three more articles about Ireland:


  1. Free State Corruptions at the Polls. Thousands of “Dead” Who Voted.

  2.     Ulster more British than Britain. “Stands Firm  as a Rock for the Empire”. An Interview With Lord Craigavon.

  3.    De Valera Praises Wales. A Contrast in Nationalism. His Opinion of Blue Shirts.








(With special thanks to Dr. Alun Jones for researching and chronologically listing all of Gareth's published articles.)


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