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The New York Times.  6th April 1933.

Hunger in the Ukraine


Private Correspondence Indicates Serious Conditions.

To the Editor of The New York Times:

I note the denial of the starvation of those in Ukraine, North Caucasus and Lower Volga regions by your correspondent Walter Duranty, in this mornings issue of THE TIMES.

Private letters from persons in these regions indicate that thousands have already died and more are dying of starvation.

The people who write such pathetic letters are not looking for help, because it cannot reach them. Money cannot reach them, and if it does they receive only half of what they sign for. Receipt of help from America only gets them into trouble with the Cheka. Most of the letters I have seen end thus: "If you do not hear from us again, you can be sure we are not alive. We are either getting it for this letter, or we are through. The agony of living and dying of hunger is so painful and so long. What torture is it to live in hunger and know you are dying slowly of hunger."

The Soviet Government is repeating the deeds of 1921, when the famine situation was not known until it was too late to help those five millions in the Ukraine, who died of starvation just on account of false information. H. H. Fischer tells us of this in the book "Famine in Soviet Russia, 1919-1923," when he writes: "The Moscow Government failed to bring the Ukrainian situation to the knowledge of the A.R.A."


Jackson Heights,


March 31, 1933


© The New York Times. 1933.  N.B. The executive editor of The New York Times, Bill Keller, told The Washington Post on October 23 2003, that the newspaper would have no objection if the Pulitzer Prize Board wanted to revoke Mr. Duranty's award. Mr. Keller called Mr. Duranty's work "pretty dreadful. ... It was a parroting of propaganda." Therefore, if he referred to Duranty's 1931 articles as (Stalinist) propaganda, it will be taken as read that no royalties are due on this letter  by Katherine Schutcock either, in support my great uncle's famine exposure and in any event I seriously doubt whether the estate of Ms. Schutcock, the rightful copyright owners of this letter, would deny me permission to reproduce her correspondence.  Nevertheless, the image of this letter is also  reproduced  for academic and educational purposes, not intended to defraud The New York Times of any morally legitimate royalty revenue and is published without financial gain.  However, any contention of copyright violation may by taken up under the jurisdiction of English Law. My service address for any legal correspondence is: Nigel Linsan Colley, 1, Crown Street, Newark, Nottinghamshire, England, NG24 4UY. Any prosecution will, you can be assured, be defended in the public domain.


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