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Paul Scheffer

(1883 -1963)

Anti-Nazi and anti-Stalin Democratic Dissident Editor of the 1930s Berliner Tageblatt - Background Source Evidence.


 In 1929 Paul Scheffer was the first journalist to be banned from The Soviet Union for reporting the truth about Collectivisation.  After the murder of my relative, Gareth Jones, Scheffer who was at this time the Editor in Chief of the Berliner Tageblatt immediately wrote a front page editorial-obituary on 16th August 1935.  As part of my investigations into the murder of Gareth Jones, in the summer of 2003, I decided to research the life of Paul Scheffer, to discover if he suffered a similar fate for embarrassing Stalin..


Not knowing where my research would take me, over three months, I uncovered a  very sinister set of circumstances, amounting to a disgraceful personal and professional persecution of Scheffer, and  like Gareth whose only crime was to report the truth about the horrors of Stalin's Five-Year Plan, Scheffer's tale is almost as tragic...


This page details the background evidence which I have researched about Paul Scheffer and should be read in conjunction with Roman Revkniv's excellent article for Ukrainian Archives and News entitled:  "THE FUGITIVE: 1930s NEWS EDITOR PAUL SCHEFFER":

"Introduction: One of the aims of this article is to show that many stones dating back to the mass murder of 10 million Ukrainians in 1932-33 have been left unturned. For the past 3 months, with the assistance of Nigel Colley (Gareth Jones’ great nephew), I have tried to find more evidence of Stalin’s manipulation of 1930s writers, his propaganda techniques, and possible evidence of cover-ups in the West in order to more fully understand how Ukraine met such a horrific fate. The work involved searching the readily available documents of the NKVD / OGPU, FBI and CIA and writing to those who knew media players of this era, or who had some knowledge of 1930s propaganda warfare. But we have only been scratching at the surface.

Undoubtedly, the greatest bonus to Ukrainians in 2003 was the rise to greater publicity of Welsh journalist Gareth Jones. From revealing the work of Jones, Ukraine now has another newly discovered ‘friend’ from within the field of journalism, his liberal German news editor Paul Scheffer (1883-1963). Scheffer would have been more of a visible Ukrainian asset had he been able to provide further media coverage of the 1932-33 Holodomor. But Stalin branded Scheffer a spy from the Rykov-Bukharin 1938 Show Trial, and attempted to make him appear guilty of being involved in Ukraine’s 1932-33 crop failures.

In America, the Soviet leader continued to make significant inroads into The White House employing the services of his greatly unsuspected secret service “writers”. This was all done under the nose of FBI Director John Edgar Hoover, ironically known for his mass clampdowns of suspected American Communists. Scheffer became a victim. He was a Jewish fugitive running from both the Communist Stalin and the Nazi Goebbels, but after having earlier ‘attacked’ Duranty, Scheffer ran straight into the hands of Stalin’s bigger league American “writing” agent, Albert Kahn. Still undetected as a spy, undetected for years, Kahn’s work successfully stimulated Hoover’s FBI, and Scheffer was subsequently added to the growing and questionable list of America’s suspect enemy aliens."

[Unfortunately Roman Revkniv of has temporarily removed his article off the internet]

Research Sources for  UAnews Article on Scheffer

1) "Sabotage! The Secret War Against America" (By Michael Sayers and Albert E. Kahn - 1942- Harper and Brothers Publishers New York and London.

    This book repeats the 1938 Third Moscow (Bukharin) Show Trial where Chernov in his testimony cites Paul Scheffer as a Nazi Spy involved with Soviet Grain Sabotage.


2)  Correspondence to Walter Winchell [a leading US radio news commentator, who championed the right-wing fifth Columnist book ‘Sabotage!’ by précising it for Reader’s Digest in Oct 1942 – The book damned Scheffer as a Nazi and was written by Albert E. Kahn, [later discovered to be a KGB agent from the secret Verona Transcripts], from Dorothy Thompson [an American anti-Nazi newspaper correspondent who was banned from the Third Reich in the mid thirties.]


3) Freedom of Information Act - FBI files relating to J. Edgar Hoover, Bill Donovan, Walter Winchell and Paul Scheffer:


        a) Memorandum for Mr Ladd of FBI relating to Winchell's broadcast on Scheffer In December 1943

        b) Classified files of FBI on General 'Wild Bill' Donovan, head of OSS, relating to Scheffer.

        c) Further Memorandum to Mr. Ladd,  about Winchell broadcast in 1944, referring to Scheffer


4) Testimony of Chernov damning Scheffer as a Nazi-Spy involved with Soviet grain Sabotage at the third Bukharin Moscow Show Trial in 1938.


5) Scheffer Prepares counter-defence papers for the US Prosecution legal team at the Nuremberg War trials in 1946, and one  for Princeton Professor and Pulitzer Prize winner, Carl Schorske - Source : 

12.228 /A  “Dear General Donovan,” Paul Scheffer / [n.a.], 1 page, English

12.228 /B  “Relations between the Army Leadership and the Nazi Party up to 1939,” Paul Scheffer / [n.a.], 21 pages, English

12.228 /B  “Dear Dr. Scheffer,” William J. Donovan / [n.a.], 1 pages, English

62.02 /B   “Subject: Suggested Work for Mr. Paul Scheffer , Lt. (jg) C. E. Schorske / [n.a.], 1 page, English

12.228 /E  “Lines of defense which the high Nazi Leadership might pursue against the charge of seeking to dominate the European Continent by launching aggressive war,” Paul Scheffer / [n.a.], 9 pages, English

6)  For an overview of Scheffer's life see: Perfect Sowing – 'Reflections of a Bookman', by Henry Regnery [1912 -1996], Edited by Jeffery O. Nelson. ISI Books, Wilmington Delaware, 1999. Chapter 13, reprinted from Modern Age 1976. [pp 232 -248] entitled: "Paul Scheffer:- At the Eye of the Storm". [If you are unable to obtain a copy of this publication then contact me by email and for bone fide academic research only, I would be prepared to email a transcript after agreement with the publisher].


7) Journalism in the Third Reich - - German Academic Speech by Dr Daniel Koerfer, University of Berlin - Click HERE for a 'poor' On-line English translation (any improvements appreciated) with the original source material from Tobias Jaecker (with thanks) - This Article outlines the Editorial restrictions which Scheffer was working under in Nazi-Germany in order to maintain independent reporting, without the interference of Goebbels between 1934 - Dec 1936 - when he resigned as editor of the Berliner Tageblatt.


8) US Foreign Office Internal Memo referring to Scheffer's 1936 Opinions on Germany by The Minister in Switzerland (Wilson) to the Secretary of State, [Extracts], BERN, January 27, 1936. Click HERE for part transcript or link to original document.


9) Scheffer's front Page Editorial / Obituary of Gareth Jones, 16th August, 1935 in the Berliner Tageblatt, where he alludes to 'Walter Duranty and the New York Times Shooting from Behind Safe Cover' - Click HERE.


10) Scheffer's reporting of Gareth's Famine Exposure was telephoned to Berlin by Scheffer on 1st April 1933, in an article entitled: 'Hungersnot in Russland?', whilst employed as the Berliner Tageblatt London Correspondent, and where he put his own slant on the famine story.. Click Here


11) Gareth refers to Scheffer's prediction of disaster of the Five-Year Plan in an article which he wrote for the London Financial Times in April 1933:  "The prophecy of Paul Scheffer in 1929-30 that collectivisation of agriculture would be the nemesis of Communism has come absolutely true." - Read Gareth's Article Here.


12) C L R James The World Revolution 1927-1936 .Chapter 10. THE PLATFORM AND THE FIVE-YEAR PLAN, where Scheffer is cited by the Marxist Organisation Website as "What is more important to remember to-day is that the policies it outlined were met with derision and contempt not only by the Stalinists hut by some very learned bourgeois. Paul Scheffer, the Russian correspondent of the Berliner Tageblatt, had spent many years in the Soviet Union." Click here for reference to Scheffer.


13) Sally Taylor's references to Scheffer (Sheffer) in her 1990 book 'Stalin's Apologist' - page 140.  Click here for transcript.


14) After the Second World War, Scheffer lived in Chicago amongst philosophical academics including Carl Riezler, with whom he discussed the reasons behind Germany entering the First world War. Click HERE for a  transcript.



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