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Paul Scheffer

(1883 -1963)


Further memorandum found in the FBI classified files relating to Paul Scheffer and Walter Winchell's reporting of him in 1944

[From Freedom of Information Act: unclassified on 31 August 1984 ]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

United States Department of Justice

Washington, D.C. 

March 26, 1944 

Memorandum for Mr. Ladd 

Re: Walter Winchell Broadcast

      March 26, 1944 

During his broadcast the following statements were made by Mr. Winchell, which are of possible interest to the Bureau. His statements are being set out below with comment where necessary. 

I.                    ESPIONAGE  

Re: XXXXXXXX   Espionage – G 

“New York. This reporter was the very first to disclose several months ago that a man who served Germany as a great spy and who was once traded for seven Russian agents in a deal Moscow made with Germany was writing articles for a very great New York Newspaper under another name. I also learned that this former Nazi spy was working for our military. His name must be omitted now. The Department of Justice has just arrested him. It’s about time.” 

The individual who appears to be identical with the person concerning whom Mr. Winchell commented is XXXXXXXX, who was apprehended last week by Immigration and Naturalization Service, after having been on parole as an alien enemy. He is to be given a hearing at Washington, D.C., on Tuesday. Our first information concerning XXXXXXXX was received from the State Department in August 1939. It indicated that he was a German agent and an intensive investigation was subsequently conducted. On December 1, 1941, Walter Winchell’s column in the New York Daily Mirror set out XXXXXXX address and initials with the charge that he was one of Goebbel’s agents in the United States.  On December 16th, 1941,  XXXXXXXX was arrested by Agents of the New York Office and turned over to the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Testate Department instructed that he should be interned at White Sulphur Springs with the German Diplomatic officials and this was done on December 30, 1941. Thereafter he was permitted to waive any diplomatic status and was given an alien enemy hearing at Ashville, North Carolina, on June 7, 1942, and as a result parolled. On October 28 and 29, 1942, he was given a rehearing before an alien enemy hearing board at Washington D.C., and on January 15th. 1943, was parolled to the Attorney General. XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX appeared on behalf of XXXXXXXX as well as XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX who endorsed XXXXXXXX as anti-Nazi. As you probably recall, the allegation that XXXXXXXXX wrote articles for “a very great New York newspaper” (The New York Times) under another name has previously been made by Winchell and found to be untrue. The article in question was published September 19, 1943, was entitled “The Specter of 1918 walks in Germany” and was attributed to Conrad Long. Winchell started a rumor that XXXXXXX was the actual author but this was found to be false.


[N.B. XXXX references above refer to Blue Censor's Pencil in the original document]



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