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Paul Scheffer

(1883 -1963)

Source document can be read at:  General “Wild Bill” Donovan’s [founder of the OSS - fore-runner of the CIA]  FBI Government papers at the Freedom of Information Act, 

Below are the relevant transcripts from the Freedom of Information Act relating to Scheffer:


 In the early part of 1942 Paul Scheffer,  a German newspaper correspondent was being detained at the Greebrier Hotel. White Sulphur Springs, W.  VA. While Scheffer was being X-rayed at the hotel following an accident, he (Scheffer) requested S.A. J.E. Lawler to remove any documents in his (Sheffer’s [sic]) room. Lawler complied with this request and among the documents found was an incomplete manuscript* addressed to “Dear Bill”. This manuscript dealt with the possibilities of a solution to the menace of Hitlerism, and was intended for Col. William J. Donovan. 

  • Photostatic copies are filed with reference # 65-3050-76

In a letter from Donovan to the [Hoover] Director dated 1/13/42, concerning Scheffer, Donovan stated he had talked with Foxworth, and understood that there was a letter in Sheffer’s [sic] effects which was addressed to him (Donovan) and that it had been left in Scheffer’s room. Donovan felt the letter would indicate Scheffer’s intentions. 

The following Director’s {Hoover] notations appeared beneath the above letter from Donovan: 

“Did Foxworth advise use of Donovan’s contact.” And “Get it to Donovan at once.” 

Information set out above was taken from the serials set out below: 

65-3050-75 (81)

65-3050-75 (115) 

[page 14 / 14 of PDF file]


 On 2/10/42 a Bureau Agent conferred with Paul Scheffer, a German newspaper correpondent who was being detained at White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, Mr. Scheffer stated that if possible he would like to make overtures to William Donovan to return the certain manuscript in order that he might complete it. Mr Scheffer was advised his request would be given consideration. 

Memo for Mr. Ladd 2/10/42

Re: The Greenbrier Hotel Mission

65-3050-78 (43)

[page 17 PDF file]


On 10/23/42 Paul Scheffer, a German newspaper correspondent, was given a hearing before the Alien Enemy Hearing Board in the District of Columbia, which was attended by a Bureau Agent. 

During the above hearing Mr. Burling of the Enemy Alien Control Unit of the Dept. of Justice stated when Scheffer fell in his hotel room on 2/1/42* he requested one of the immigration guards go to his room and find some papers which he feared might fall into the hands of the Germans. One of these letters was a letter to Col. William Donovan. Mr Burling stated that according to one Mr Dulles [probably brother of John Foster Dulles of Dallas airport fame!, and was a sometime law partner in Donovan’s law practice] Col. William Donovan of OSS desired to employ Scheffer as a consultant if released. 

Memo for Mr Ladd 11/21/42

No caption given

65-3050-134 (21)

65-3050-157 (104)

[Page28 of PDF file]

*[hand written reference] See page 67 of this ? for additional detail  [it appears to relate to a formal request by Donovan to Yale University  to search all of its 45,000 records for German and Japanese nationals who studied there]



On 1/15/43 Paul Scheffer, a German journalist of international reputation was apprehended 12/16/41 as an enemy alien, was paroled by the Attorney General. Brigadier General William J. Donovan appeared on his behalf and endorsed him (Scheffer) as ant-Nazi.

(Source not given) 

Memo for the Director 3/27/44

Re: XXXXXX Paul Scheffer, Allied Enemy Control

61-7566-4810 (87)

SI 32-31615-433 (104) (Statement made by Walter Winchell on his radio broadcast of 3/26/44)

[Page 32 of PDF file]



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