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Paul Scheffer

(1883 -1963)

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Below is the transcript of Chernov's Evidence damning Paul Scheffer's a Nazi-spy at the third Bukharin Moscow Show Trial in 1938:  

1938 - March 2-12 - Third Show Trial - "The Case of the Anti-Soviet Bloc of Rights and Trotskyites" (also known as the "Rykov-Bukharin trial") 


Allegations:  At the direction of TROTSKY, the accused cooperated with German, Polish and Japanese intelligence to commit acts of wrecking and diversion in industry, transport, agriculture and distribution, and to commit murder and terrorism, with the goal of overthrowing the Government, dismembering the USSR and restoring capitalism. 

Yagoda testified he told his Leningrad agent, ZAPOROZHETZ, not to interfere with the murder of Kirov, which was organized by YENUKIDZE.  Yagoda also recruited physicians Levin, Pletnev and VINOGRADOV to murder GORKY, KUIBISHEV, MENZHINSKY and PESHKOV using incorrect treatments.  The doctors completed these assignments with assistance from Kryuchkov (Gorky's secretary) and Maximov (Kuibishev's secretary).  Yagoda also unsuccessfully tried to poison YEZHOV; he was assisted by SAVOLAINEN (his personal aide) and Bulanov. 

Witnesses:  YAKOVLEVA, OSSINSKY, MANTSEV, KAMKOW and KARELIN testified they had been Left Communists.  Since the signing of the Brest-Litvosk treaty in 1918, Bukharin, acting on behalf of Trotsky, had worked to overthrow the Soviet Government, plotted to assassinate Lenin, Stalin and Sverdlov and install in their place a coalition of Bukharinites ("Left Communists"), Trotskyites and Left SR's.  Mantsev was revealed as a Chekist (p. 469).  (From Spanish online translation of Trial)  - for original Spanish use above link

 CHERNOV: Yes, otherwise it could not have informed to them.

After this I accepted and I became German spy.  

The defendant happens next to need his paper and the information that to him superior one in the organization requested its immediate, a German correspondent in Moscow.  

CHERNOV: At that moment I was, seems to me to remember, Commissioner of the Town - attached or member of the School of the Commissariat of the Town of Commerce. A day they telephoned from the office of information of the Commissariat of the Town of Outer Subjects to say to me that Paul Scheffer, correspondent of the German newspaper Berliner Tageblatt, wished to speak With me to treat on diverse subjects of information, and that he was authorized to me to interview to me with him, whenever he did not communicate any type to him of information considered like secret investigation. In effect, after certain time, Scheffer appeared in my house, it said to me that it came from colonel Oberhaus and it gave the password me "Reinold". It was my name of German spy. I asked to him Scheffer what loved of me colonel Oberhaus. In principle it wanted information on the internal life of the Party, on the state of the work between the rightist and trotskistas groups and on the situation in the field. In addition, it demanded specific data on stocks of industrial products. What it interested to him more they were the stored industrial merchandise in the cities. It demanded information on the march of the storage and the grain reserves anticipated in case military. A part of the demanded data - the referring ones to the situation in the Party and the work between the rightists I verbally provided them at that moment; as far as the numbers that requested, I communicated some days later.

From then, I had several periodic encounter with Scheffer. It transmitted information to the service of German espionage, at the same time that received through Scheffer indications on the organization of the sabotage. I had a particularly long conversation with Scheffer on the organization of the sabotage against the grain storages and the bread supplying. The essential order that gave then the service me of German espionage consisted of organizing the deterioración of grains in the country. For it it was necessary to delay to the construction of silos and elevators, being created therefore a disproportion between the crescents stocks and the capacity of the silos, and to obtain with it - as it said to Scheffer- two things: in the first place, that the grains spoiled; and secondly, to cause the displeasure of the farmers, that would be inevitable when they realized of which the grains lay down to lose. Also the massive infection of the barns of wheat by means of injurious insects was due to organize, specially by means of the weevils. Scheffer demanded mainly that the infection of the reserves destined to the mobilization by means of the use of injurious insects and weevils was organized. As for me, I fulfilled all the works that Scheffer had ordered to me.  

The defendant Ivanov and Zelenski declare to have entered the service of the czarist Ojrana 1911. The Zubarek defendant declares to have entered the service of the police 1908, and the German information service in 1936, through Ivanov. The Charangovich defendant declares spy Pole from 1921. Rosengoltz and Krestinski also confess:  

VYCHINSKI: Besides to provide money to Trotsky, provided you to Seeckt espionage information?  



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