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Gareth Richard Vaughan Jones

Hero of Ukraine

(1905 -1935)

A Man Who Knew Too Much...

"That part of the world is a cauldron of conflicting intrigue and one or other interests concerned probably knew that Mr Gareth Jones knew too much of what was going on...  He had a passion for finding out what was happening in foreign lands wherever there was trouble, and in pursuit of his investigations he shrank from no risk...  I had always been afraid that he would take one risk too many.  Nothing escaped his observation, and he allowed no obstacle to turn from his course when he thought that there was some fact, which he could obtain.  He had the almost unfailing knack of getting at things that mattered."

  London Evening Standard, quoting former British Prime Minister David Lloyd George, 26th August 1935.

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Gareth Richard Vaughn Jones

This website is dedicated to the distinguished professional life of Gareth Jones, a young Welsh Journalist of worldwide repute for internationally exposing the 1932-33 Holodomor, & politically murdered in his prime by Chinese bandits in 1935, though through strong circumstantial evidence discovered at the British Public Records Office, were most probably in the pay of the Soviet NKVD secret police... 

For a brief biography of his life, please CLICK HERE.

Gareth's website is split into two distinctive sections:


1) Gareth Jones - A Manchukuo Incident


In celebration of his life, Gareth's niece, Dr. Margaret Siriol Colley and his great nephew, Nigel Linsan Colley have written & published a critically acclaimed book Gareth Jones - A Manchukuo Incident  -  which investigates the political intrigue surrounding Gareth's murder by Chinese bandits in 1935. 


For an overview of the book, then please click on the link below or an appropriate link on the left:



Gareth Jones: A Manchukuo Incident
Soviet Famine Exposure - London Evening Standard, 31st March 1933.

2) Gareth Jones' Published Articles 


As a prolific writer, Gareth left a legacy of articles published in many British newspapers including The Western Mail, The Times and the Manchester Guardian, in Germany in the Berliner Tageblatt and in American newspapers through the International News Service.  These articles are a graphic and historic portrayal of the critical events of the early thirties and are worthy of an in-depth study in themselves


From below, links can be discovered to some of Gareth's historically most noteworthy articles::

  1. Exposé of  1933 Soviet Ukrainian starvation.

  2. The Rise of Hitler's Germany.

  3. Impressions & Interviews in the Far East in 1935.

  4. America, War Reparations & Roosevelt's 'New Deal'.

  5. 'Enigma of Ireland', 1933.

  6. In Search of News - Retrospective of  The Western Mail articles.

  7. Mussolini Has Spoken.

  8. Rural Wales in the Summer of 1933.

  9. Unemployment in the 1930s.

  10. Prophesy of World Politics Through the Thirties, 31 Dec 1930.

  11. Confidential Interview in 1933 with the Soviet Foreign Minister, Litvinoff (Litvinov), regarding Soviet Foreign Policy which Correctly  Predicted All the Major Events which Led to the Second World War.

  12. Finally a Series of Three 'Lost' 1935 & Most Vitriolic Anti-Stalinist Articles, Personally Commissioned by Randolph Hearst, where Gareth First Coined the Term "Man-Made Famine" to describe the Holodomor (to be found in the second article).

Or for complete index of his articles click below:


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