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Gareth’s 1934-5 Itinerary

Late October        1934

Gareth left Great Britain

November 6th        1934

Arrival at New York on SS Manhattan

November 26th     1934

Left Washington for Chicago

December 2nd       1934

Visited Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin

January 2nd             1935

Present at Randolph Hearst’s ranch

January 18th           1935

Embarked from San Francisco on SS President Monroe

January 30th           1935

Sailed from Honolulu on SS President Coolidge

February 9th           1935

Arrive in Yokohama, Japan

March 15th             1935

Left Tokyo sailing on SS President Grant

March 16th.            1935

Docked at Kobe

March19th           1935


March 22nd          1935

 Hong Kong

March 23rd             1935

Arrived at Manila in the Philippines.

April 4th                  1935

Left The Philippines on board the Dutch ship Tgisadane

April 7th               1935

Crossed the equator

April 12th                1935

Disembarked from the ship, the Op de Nook in Semarang in Java, visited Mr Fletcher’s plantation and from thence to Batavia, (Jakarta) Dutch Indo-China.

April 20th                1935

Left Batavia on the Ophir.

April 22nd               1935

Arrived in Singapore

April 26th                1935

Left Singapore for Bangkok.

April 30th                1935

Arrived Bangkok.

May 11th                  1935

Left Bangkok

May 13th                  1935

Arrived at Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

May 14th                  1935

Arrived in Saigon, French Indo-China.

May 18th                  1935

Arrived in Hong Kong on and left on June 1st to Canton.

June 8th                1935

Left Canton for Yale in China in Changsha.

June 12th                  1935

Arrival in Changsha.

June 16th                  1935

 Left Changsha.

June 20th                  1935


June 30th                  1935


July 2nd                    1935


July 4th                     1935

Gareth arrived in Peking.

July 11th                  1935

Left Peking to go to Prince The Wang’s Palace before proceeding on his fateful journey.

July 15th                  1935

 Left Prince Teh Wang’s palace.

July 19th                  1935

Arrived in Ujmutchin.

July 23rd                  1935

At Larsen’s Camp where Dr Mueller and he saw Sir Charles Bell.

July 25th                  1935

Arrival in Dolonor.

July 26th.              1935

The final entry in the diary.

July 28th.              1935

The day that Gareth and Dr Mueller were captured.

August 28th             1935

The date of Gareth’s murder

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