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Gareth’s journey from Hawaii took him first to Tokyo in Japan, from Kobe to Shanghai, to Hong Kong, Manila in the Philippines, Bali and Batavia (Jakarta) in the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia), Singapore and then to Bangkok in Siam (Thailand).  Following this he crossed into French Indo-China, returning to Hong Kong.  From there he went to Canton (Guangzhou).  He travelled north to Changsha en route to Hankow, Nanking and Shanghai.  Returning to Nanking he went to Peking (Beijing) and finally to Kalgan (Zhangjiakou) before embarking on his final journey to Inner Mongolia.  His eventual destination he intended to be Manchukuo, which was previously known as Manchuria before the Japanese invaded the area in 1931. 

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Taken from The Daily Telegraph Supplement on Japan and Manchukuo 1934

From the Institute of World Affairs Report on China and Japan 1937. 

Map of Chahar and Jehol (Gareth’s Journey).

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