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I have many personal acknowledgements to make to the numerous friends and relatives who have helped me in preparing this book.  Firstly, my late mother who could still recall the terrible ordeal of the death of her brother, Gareth.  The Rev. John Heywood Thomas gave me initial advice as to how to set the story in its present form and improve my ‘turn of phrase’.   

I should like to particularly thank my son, Nigel, as he has not only given me constant support and enthusiasm, but also on-going computer advice, having introduced me several years ago to Mr Bill Gates’ word-processing technology.  Furthermore, he has helped me editorially to separate the political intrigue from the travelogue, spending in excess of several hundred hours over the past few years reading all the source material, re-structuring the investigative chapters, providing additional research and alternative opinion (resulting in much heated discussion and on-going e-mail correspondence).  Finally he oversaw the extremely long process of sub-editing through to eventual publication and created the supporting website. 

Jane Colley sketched the map of Gareth’s final journey into Inner Mongolia.  Miss Bronson Ward gave me infinite encouragement and reassurance.  Dr Alun R. Jones (a distant relative of Gareth’s) gave me my first constructive sub-edit and later checked the final proofs including the Welsh spelling.  Dr Richard Sims and Tristram Hicks have advised me on the ‘Historical Background’.  Sarah Honeychurch in the main but also Richard Surrey, Christine Walters and Dr Alistair Strang, who have edited the transcript for improved readability.  Dr Dennis Witcombe and the Welsh Book Council for their constructive editorial direction.  Sheila Sellars who originally deciphered Gareth’s handwriting and transcribed his original diaries. 

My son Philip investigated the murder in China and Japan, and my sons Graham and Richard and their families have shown great interest.  My Chinese friends have also given me encouragement. 

Thank you!

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