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As I strolled through the town, there were more smells of opium.  Everywhere in the streets was the smell of opium.  Down by the river, I saw animal skins being dipped and soaked in the water and one was a fine dog skin.  In one place, I saw rice or corn being stored, as a donkey with its eyes wrapped with a cloth and a horse were going round and round threshing the grain.  The poor animals get blind threshing.

On my walk, I saw that there were many troops on the road to Kalgan.  On the walls were lanterns and everywhere these were papered with Manchurian and Japanese flags crossed on each other.  The streets here are full of soldiers with fixed bayonets; I passed a geisha girl, showing the Japanese had arrived.  Theatre crowds were on one side of the street.  They were singing:  “God save Manchukuo soldiers and officers”.  There were lots of singsong girls and Japanese soldiers.

What luck!  There are great events here.  The streets are full of Japanese and Manchukuo flags.  The Japanese have decided to make this Chinese town and region part of Manchukuo.  The town itself has 15,000 soldiers.  Thousands of Japanese soldiers are assembled here and many have left on the road to Kalgan over which we travel on tomorrow.

I am witnessing the changeover of a big district from China to Manchukuo.  There are barbed-wire entanglements just outside the hotel.  There are two roads to Kalgan to where we go back; over one 200 Japanese lorries have travelled; the other is infested by bad bandits.

These were the final words that Gareth wrote in his narrative before he was captured by bandits and murdered.

If you have enjoyed this transcript from Margaret Siriol Colley's book: Gareth Jones - A Manchukuo Incident then by purchasing a copy you can follow the author's thorough investigation into the international political intrigues behind his eventual murder.

Gareth at the Lama service.

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