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Gareth’s writings and his radio broadcasts were often illustrated with delightful and amusing anecdotes. “The microphone preserved every iota of his (Gareth’s) personality, the enthusiasm and vivacity …  a peculiar impression of intimacy, as of addressing a single person across the fireside.”  One such was the tale circulated among the anti-Nazi Lutherans in Germany of a staunch Nazi priest who, before commencing service, ordered that anyone who was a Jew should leave the church.  There was a brief pause and then the figure of Jesus Christ stepped down from the crucifix over the altar and silently went out of the building..

Heading of one of Gareth’s articles wrote after he attended the Frankfurt rally.

There was a joke whispered in Germany of a humorist who asked:

 Do you know how Hitler is going to put 3,000,000 unemployed to work?”  Then he, himself answered:  “He will make the first million paint the Black Forest white.  The second million will build a one-way road to Jerusalem, and the third million will cover the Polish Corridor with linoleum.”

Yet another was that of an airman who was passing over a lonely lake and saw a man struggling in the water and rescued him.  When he had done so he found it was Stalin and immediately considered the advisability of dropping him overboard again:  “because of what all the other Russians would say for not letting him drown”.

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