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Another anecdote that he had heard in Kharkoff was that of a louse and a pig meeting on the frontier of the Soviet Union.  The louse was going into Russia while the pig was leaving.  “Why are you coming into Russia?” asked the pig.  “I am coming” the louse replied, “because in Germany the people are so clean that I cannot find a single place to rest my head.  So I am entering the Soviet Union.  But why are you leaving Russia?”  The pig answered:  “In Russia today the people are eating what we pigs used to eat, so there is nothing left for me, and so I am saying goodbye”.  Gareth was to see proof of this in the market where a slice of doughy black bread was selling at the exorbitant price of one rouble [(2/-) or equivalent to about 24 loaves of bread in 1933].

The Frankfurt Rally that Gareth attended in 1933.

Gareth with his Mother

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