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Thousands of “Dead” Who Voted


By Gareth Jones    
DUBLIN. Wednesday.

Gen. O’Duffy, leader of the United Ireland Party and of the Blue shirts, received me to-day, and told me that the Blue Shirts were ‘capturing the imagination of the country. 

Referring to his “100.000 young men,” O’Duffy said, “We are not armed, and the accusation that I have been supporting gun-running is as false as the statement made by Mr. de Valera that Gen. Mulcahy had had secret negotiations with the British War Minister at Glasgow. 

“Another slander is the statement that I am aiming at a dictatorship. I am for democratic rule.  The Government is now playing to the worst instincts of the mob. They are now buying the mob by doles.  Another way in which the Government rules is by corrupt electoral methods.  Many thousands of people long dead and thousands who were in hospitals were able to cast votes for de Valera in the last election by dishonest impersonation.  Some supporters of de Valera voted 30 times each, masquerading as persons who had died but whose names still remained on the registers.  Many youngsters below legal voting age cast their votes for de Valera. 

“Honest citizens are being intimidated and the I.R.A. is dealing a blow at ordered government.” 


I asked Gen. O’Duffy about his policy towards Great Britain.  He said: “Great Britain provides the best market for Irish products, and our economic links with Britain are very strong indeed. 

“I think it good business to accept free partnership in the British Commonwealth, and it is sheer economic madness to antagonise our best customer.” 

I then asked Gen. O’Duffy what the United Ireland Party would do if it got into power, and be said: “We will negotiate the settlement of the financial and economic dispute with Great Britain on the basis of sound economic facts.  Great Britain is our finest and almost our only market.  While Mr. de Valera is quarrelling the Danes, the Argentinians, and others are capturing the trade, and before long there will be little left for us. 


“The United Ireland Party wants to put an end to the disastrous economic warfare and reach an honourable settlement, fair to both sides.” 

Speaking of de Valera’s policy, Gen. O’Duffy said: “He has brought disaster upon the farmers of the country.  He cannot get cash for the payment of his rates and taxes and so the finances of the country have fallen into disorder.” 

Gen. O’Duffy added that the new party had schemes for putting the unemployed to work on roads, housing, &c. in conclusion, he said: “The United Ireland Party and the Blue Shirts are striving for a united country, where corruption, intimidation, and economic warfare will cease, and where we can build up an honourable, law-abiding, and prosperous Irish State.”













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