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Cambridge 2009 Press Page; Supporting Images & Documents Download Page

  1. CLICK HERE to visit The Living's English Language website with 5-minute trailer

  2. CLICK HERE  to view a copy of 'The Gareth Jones Diaries' Microsoft PowerPoint presentation (5Mb) with an overview of Gareth's remarkable life and as an aide to putting the below slides in context. Or  CLICK HERE to view an online version, but viewable only with MS Internet Explorer

CLICK HERE for a link to high resolution images and corresponding transcriptions of Gareth's unique diary notes of his personal observations of  Ukrainian famine conditions

 CLICK HERE to see high resolution image of this photographic slide in Gareth's possession of forlorn peasants probably taken in 1931 by either Gareth or Jack Heinz II.

CLICK HERE for a web page of rare authentic photos of famine in 1933 from Dr Ewald Ammende's 1934 book, .Muss Russland Hungern'. [As Ammende died in 1936, these photos from my personal copy and scanned by myself are presumably out of copyright.]

CLICK HERE for a web page of Gareth's personal collection of  Soviet Political Posters bought in 1931 on his trip to the USSR with Jack Heinz II.

CLICK HERE for Gareth's 4-page letter to his parents after leaving the USSR for the first time in 1930, detailing the onset of famine conditions in Ukraine at Donetz, where his mother had been a governess in the 1890s.


Thumbnail Images to Higher Resolution Photos of Gareth at Cambridge University between 1926-1929, which can then be save to disk.

Gareth at Cambridge 1929 Cambridge May Ball in front of The Wren and insert of Gareth sat on Front Row towards the RHS Gareth, pictured centre front with the Cambridge Madrigals circa 1927/28
Gareth Standing  one in from the LHS on back row at a Cambridge Dinner Unknown Cambridge Group - possibly linguists at Cambridge?  


Links below to Higher Resolution Photos of Interest of Gareth

Gareth  standing behind Pres. Hoover outside the West Wing in 1931

Gareth with Randolph Hearst at St Donats Castle, Wales in 1934

Personally Inscribed photo to Gareth from Lloyd George

One of the last photos of Gareth before his kidnapping in Inner Mongolia in 1935

One of the last photos of Gareth before his kidnapping in Inner Mongolia in 1935

Gareth at Cold Knapp, Barry, circa 1934

Gareth in California December 1934

At Borobudur in 1935

Gareth's Passport

CLICK HERE for 5mb JPG or above image for1mb image

Gareth's 1933 Soviet Visa

CLICK HERE for 5mb JPG or above image for 1mb image

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