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As from:            Pension de la Palge,

                        Quai Eaux Vivas 62,



September 29th 1933.


Dear Gareth Jones, 

                                    Thank you for your letter, and for the Durranty [sic - Duranty] cutting. He  just writes what they tell him to. At the same time, since his message refers to the new harvest I can’t challenge him on first hand knowledge. That is to say, I know and you know that his description of things in the Caucasus is untrue; but he can always retort, “ You haven’t seen and I have.” 

                                    One idea I had, however. If I could get hold of specimens of his messages during, say, the last year, I believe I could write an amusing article on Durranty as a foreign correspondent that a paper like TRUTH might publish, and that might do some good. I’d want about fifteen to twenty specimens spread over the year; even going back earlier. Do you happen to have, or know how I might get hold of, such specimens of his messages. 

                                    Bryn has been staying here, and I find him charming as ever. 



 Malcolm Muggeridge.



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