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[Letter from the House of Lords Archives, Lloyd George’s papers – Jones section. Photo inserted for interest purposes only]

Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen

D. Bremen 


January 27, 1933

Passing Dover

  Dear Mr Lloyd George, 

May I first thank you for the wonderful experience I have had on your staff. I very much regret leaving the office now and leaving the staff at the end of March. The next month I shall spend investigating the situation in Germany and going also to Danzig and Checho-slovakia. During March I shall be in Russia visiting Moscow and the Ukraine. I shall send you reports on what I see. 

In future I shall be always be delighted to be of any help and since I shall be especially following the Welsh, the industrial and the foreign situation for the Western Mail, I hope I may be of some service to you. 

Yesterday I saw the Soviet Ambassador, who has been remarkably kind in obtaining material for you in Moscow. He is looking forward to having you to lunch or dinner and will be glad to hear from you at any time. 

In preparing me for my visit to Moscow he said two problems have confronted the Soviet Union, the first – that of construction, that has been solved by the first five year plan, which he claims has been carried out 94%. The second problem remains unsolved – namely the use of machinery. That will be solved by the second Five-Year Plan. 

Two important decisions have been taken this month: - (he said);

a)       The food tax for the peasants. Once the peasant has paid the food tax he is to be free to sell his surplus on the private market.

b)      There is to be attached to each Machine Tractor Station a special political section of the party, which will enlighten the peasants on policy work in the collective farm, and combat hostile and kulak elements in the villages. 

These measures, the Ambassador claims, together with the increased production of the light industries will lead to a brighter happier life in Russia. “In a year or two everything will be all right.” (Exactly the same words as I was told two years and a year ago.) 

The Second Five-Year Plan will aim at quality; at stabilising the situation; not at increasing the sowing area. Its main stress will be laid on consumption and agriculture. It will be intensive, not extensive. 

I am not so optimistic as the Ambassador. March will be an interesting month to judge and I shall let you know my findings in Russia. 

Sir Herbert Lewis, with whom I stayed last weekend, was enquiring most warmly after you.  Sir Harry Britain, whom I saw in the week, also sent his sincerest congratulations on your birthday. 

Today I came on board the “Bremen”, the fastest boat in the world. The stewards say that New York is much worse off [than] in Germany. There are so many beggars on the street in America, whereas in Germany they can live from the insurance. 

Views of the Captain of the “Bremen”.

“I see no hope, no sign of improvement. Shipping is getting worse not better. The unemployment among sailors in Germany is terrible. 

“I am a firm Free Trader. Only Free Trade can restore the world trade, on which shipping depends.” 

“My boat is now only 20% to 25% occupied. The freight steamers are doing terribly.” 

“Every nation is trying to save itself. We must have a new outlook. Every nation is basing its policy on what happened a hundred years ago, instead of facing the problems of today.” 

“I believe it is the doom of the white race. The yellow races are watching our rapid decline. Look at the weakness of the white man towards Japan. We have given into Japan. The League of Nations should have said “Stop”.” 

The Captain’s woman-secretary comes from Danzig. “ We Danzigers bless Lloyd George,” she said. “It was touch or go whether we should belong to Poland or not, and he saved us.” 

[In Welsh] With hearty and respectful wishes, and many thanks for the experience of working with you. 

Yours sincerely, 


Gareth Jones.



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