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moved to action and decided to send out troops in pursuit and it was they who found the British journalist’s body, today [Friday].  Though the ransom money had been offered in full, the bandits seemed curiously obdurate and had begun moving by rapid stages towards the Chahar-Jehol frontier.


Emissaries from the Chahar Government reported that the bandits refused to accept the ransom offered … The Chinese and British authorities confessed themselves baffled and when the bandits were inside the Jehol border in Manchukuo, it was hoped that the Japanese authorities would have been able to secure Gareth’s release.4  

Saturday 17th August – The Daily Telegraph: 

Verification of the reports are intensely difficult here [Kalgan], owing to the international situation.  The Japanese authorities discount the report of the death of Mr Jones, and though unaware of the facts, said that the bandits who were holding him were last seen southeast of Kuyuan, many miles from the Pao Ch’ang district.  Moreover, the Japanese asserted that the bandit chief had every reason to preserve Mr Jones in safety.


In Peking, despite the absence of identification, it is regretfully concluded that the body which was found is that of Mr Jones.  

Monday 19th August - The Daily Telegraph (sub-headline from their special correspondent):  

News held up for four days 

I was the first to receive confirmation of Mr Jones’ death.  Although the Chahar authorities knew of it four days ago, they withheld the news from Lieut. Millar; the British Attaché here, until I had enlisted the help of Mr Hashimoto, the Japanese

4  Also reported in:  the London Evening News, August 16th, Manchester Guardian, August 17th.

The Tragic End.

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