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beautiful meadows and ripening corn around them. “The district through which we passed yielded little food - a few hens and pigs in the villages, a few vegetables and a little bad flour.”  After the first excitement of the capture they were well treated and they decided to make friends with the bandits.  They made jokes with their captors on the first night and showed them how to wind up the watches that they had confiscated and how the camera, compass and photometer worked.  His account continued to say that on the second day they repaired the gang’s machine gun.  Ironically, they probably owed their lives to the fact that the machine gun had not worked properly when they were captured. 


On the evening of the second day, a man arrived saying he had been sent by the Chinese authorities to affect their release and on the next morning the bandits allowed Dr Müller to go with the promise that he would return with the ransom: “I bid Gareth a short but moving farewell and then I mounted my horse and a peasant followed to shield me in case I was shot from behind.  A few hours later I reached Pao Ch’ang and I renounced my suspicions that my guides were bandits of another gang.” 

Saturday 10th August - The Western Mail and South Wales News (quoting Dr Müller): 

When we were captured, the bandits were surprising harsh with Jones as he cried:  “Do not touch me, I am British!”  The bandits thereupon bound and gagged him.  Later, however, Jones charmed his captors by singing songs in German, English and Welsh in the evenings; which he (Müller) claimed saved Jones’ life.  The bandits were particularly impressed when he sang the ‘David of the White Rock’ (Dafydd y Garreg Wen) in Welsh.  Repeatedly they begged him to sing more and while their pickets watched the surrounding country the valley resounded with the Welshman’s hymns. 

His personality so impressed the bandits that they abandoned their harshness.  One evening when there was only one chicken for 30 men, the bandits cooked the bird and laid it

The Press Breaks the News of the Capture.

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