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Personal letter to Gareth from David Lloyd George.

 The retired General, Hans von Seeckt, one-time Commander-in-Chief of the Reichswehr, went as a German military adviser to the Marshall and introduced an industrialist, Klein, to him.  With General von Seeckt’s knowledge, Klein was also involved with the development of an armaments factory and an arsenal in Canton for Marshall Chen Chi-tang’s Army.  On Gareth’s first visit to Hong Kong he saw Von Seeckt with a Chinese General in mufti.  The German Foreign Office, or the Wilhelmstrasse, wished to keep a balanced foreign policy between China and Japan.  Unbeknown to the department in the late spring of 1935 the Nazi, Joachim von Ribbentrop, began secret negotiations with the Japanese Military Attaché, General Oshima Hiroshi, in Berlin against Bolshevik Russia.  The significance of these discussions should have become apparent on reading the tragic story of Gareth’s last mysterious journey into Inner Mongolia.

Hirohito in Imperial Robes.

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