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Kulagen continued to tell me that the Mongols, who had recently visited Manchukuo, had returned, bringing back bad news and all of them loudly curse the ‘Japs’.  While in that area they heard how the Japanese have beaten and killed their fellow Mongols.  In Manchukuo there is great discontent focused against the Japanese.  No one in Inner Mongolia has any desire to join with Pu Yi and the Mongols say it is foolish to look up to him as a descendant of the former Emperor.  The leaders realise that he is a puppet of the Japanese, that he is their prisoner and to swear allegiance to him would be the same as swearing allegiance to Japan.  To say that the Mongols are loyal to Pu Yi is merely Japanese propaganda.  The priests are especially afraid and say that the coming of the Japanese will bring evil to the land.

Now on Friday evening July 19th, I am in a Buriat (Mongol) camp on a hill, in a tent with a wonderful view of great herds of cattle, horses and sheep in the distance.  

I did not have time to continue the letter this morning; because we decided to return westward and here we are back with the Buriats, who are very hospitable and clean.  There is a wonderful view with blue hills in the distance for about 30 or so miles, over the border of Manchukuo.  Soviet Mongolia is about 110 miles to the north.  Our Russian chauffeur is now preparing soup with mutton.  I have almost forgotten what a bed is like, and to sit around a table and not to eat meat with my fingers will be very funny.  We went very slowly from Beidzemiao to the land of the Buriats, through lovely grass with flowers, irises and mauve marguerites, much better than the sand we went through on our way to Beidzemiao.  More people including Russians have arrived at the camp of Prince Otcheroff, who speaks perfect Russian.  I am told that the Prince came here after the Revolution, but the Mongols would not give him any land.  But he told them of their history of Genghis Khan and what the Mongols did 500 to 1000 years ago.  They were amazed and became friendly.  He went to the Panchen Lama who said there was some free land and gave his permission for him to live there.  Another reason given for him obtaining land was that he took the offensive against some Mongolian robbers who were stealing and killing cattle.

Gareth at the Lama service.

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