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On Friday, July 19th, we arrived at Ujmutchin.  It is 25 miles from Soviet Outer Mongolia and 35-40 miles from the Manchukuo border, in the northeast wedge of IHTTP/1.1 100 Continue nner Mongolia.  This is a lama town, where the head Prince of the Silingol League of Mongols has his residence.

Bogged down in the river.

This has been the most exciting week I have ever had in my life, packed with adventures and strange encounters.  It has been so full that I have not had the chance of continuing my letters, when one rattles along for 20 hours a day in a lorry, over sand dunes and through rivers, when one interviews Living Buddhas and Japanese agents and Buriat and Mongol princes.  It is hard to find a minute to write beyond the notes, so I will continue my story where I left off having had a very long sleep.

After arriving in Beidzemiao where 1000 ignorant lamas live, I slept all day and all night.  The place was a collection of mud houses with magnificent temples.  Next day (Wednesday) the Living Buddha, Diluwa said he wanted to see me and give me an interview.  So Müller and I went past the temples where the lamas were busy praying in yellow robes and came to a small temple dwelling where the Diluwa was staying.

Gareth at the Lama service.

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