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Dr Ivy Lee. 3

3  Dr Ivy Lee, America’s greatest publicity expert, had a face which the Americans called “dumb pan”.  Ivy Lee never took a fee that did not run into five figures.  Perhaps it was his recognition of his somewhat grandiose ideas that, according to him, Soviet commissars used to entertain him exclusively off gold plate.  He was the first person to urge the United States to recognise the Soviets, and paid a visit to Russia twice a year.  This did not prevent him, however, from accepting - with his son - $58,000 a year from the Nazi Government.  His connection with the Rockefellers and other magnates is well known and he was proud of his title “family physician to big business”.  He was said to have kept even millionaires waiting for an appointment.  [From a newspaper obituary (Date and source not known).]

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