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with the ‘57’ varieties of Heinz produce [which she presumed were for their future personal sustenance in Russia].[1]

Gareth only spent a year with Mr Ivy Lee, on account of the Depression in America, before returning to spend a further period in the office of David Lloyd George.  The latter assigned him to make enquiries into Mussolini’s relief measures in the Pontine Marshes, attempting to rid Italy of the scourge of malaria.  In 1933, he was sent to Eire where he interviewed President De Valera of the Fianna Fail Party.  He wrote of the I.R.A. and its hatred of the British.  Prior to his ‘Round the World Fact Finding Tour’ Gareth worked for The Western Mail.  Sir Robert Webber, enclosing a copy of a letter from John Buchan, the famous author which congratulated Gareth on his articles regarding the current situation in Russia.  Sir Robert thought very highly of him and in his tribute to Gareth considered him to be a brilliant writer, a most interesting lecturer and a linguist of extraordinary cleverness fitting him to be a most successful journalist.  Sir Robert Webber considered that Gareth’s ambition was to be a foreign correspondent: 

He travelled extensively in Europe and America.  It was to increase his practical knowledge of world affairs that he decided to travel in Asia.  He had a most enquiring mind.  He was only satisfied with the most thorough research.  The relations between China and Japan profoundly interested him and it was in the pursuit of first-hand knowledge that he made the supreme sacrifice

As a prolific writer, Gareth left a legacy of articles published in many British newspapers including The Western Mail, The Times and the Manchester Guardian, in Germany in the Berliner Tageblatt and in American newspapers through the International News Service.  These articles are a graphic and historic portrayal of the critical events of the early thirties and are worthy of an in-depth study in themselves.  

[1]  “Mr Zuckerman (Chief of the Supply Department of the Narcomsnab (the People’s Food Commissariat) was kind enough to send us [Gareth and Jack Heinz II] off in an auto with an interpreter, to see the President of the Torgsin stores concerning the purchase of the “57” (varieties) ... I [Jack Heinz II] wanted Mr Jdanoff, of Torgsin, to try some hot beans, and made an appointment to see him in an hour.  Just as I arrived, with my hot tins, the rascal drove off in his car.”  From: Experiences in Russia – 1931.  A Diary.

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