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THE WESTERN MAIL & SOUTH WALES NEWS, Wednesday June 7th 1933   

(Germany Under Hitler - Third Article) 




One day a leading Nazi said to me: "I tremble when I think of England. You are on the verge of a precipice and nothing but ruin awaits you. Do you know why?”

I waited for the reply, and it came “You are doomed because of the Jews who are working your downfall.” 

I almost rubbed my eyes. Here was man of influence in the government of Germany, and he was talking in the terms of the Middle Ages. He continued in strains of fantastic ignorance, and his eyes sparkled as he enumerated the sins of the Jews. As I listened to him I felt as if I had been transported back many centuries, to an age of witchcraft and black magic, so unreal was his description of the so-called machinations of the Hebrew race.

When I got out into the streets of Berlin I almost imagined that a pogrom might take place, so burning had been the hatred which the Nazis had expressed for the Jews. But nothing happened, and the streets were as quiet and orderly and the people as calm as ever.


I have never seen a Jew struck, although there have been many cases of this, and visitors to Germany will be impressed by the outward decency of the towns. But often the quietest parts are the most ruthless battlefields, and so it is in Germany to-day, where the victims are not so much those who have been beaten in the streets or in the Nazi Brown Houses, but those who have been dealt a blow in the back by economic measures. That well-dressed, well-fed Jew walking calmly past may be the greatest sufferer of all, for, recently deprived of his work, he may be living on small savings and dreading the future for his children without hope in a Jew-baiting Germany. 

So mediaeval had been the terms applied to the Jews by the Nazis that I decided to look up the “Bible” of the National-Socialist movement, namely, Hitler’s “My Struggle,” and find out what the Chancellor of Germany had said about the Jews. Again I almost rubbed my eyes, for I came to a page where he described the influence of the Jews in Britain. This is what he said of England: 

In this country of ‘free democracy’ the Jew is almost the unlimited dictator through the devious method of controlling public opinion!” 

It was not the British, in Hitler’s opinion, but the Jews who wished the destruction of Germany in 1914-18. Now the Jews, he says, are aiming at the destruction of Japan, for Japan is the barrier to a Jewish world dictatorship. Therefore, the Jews are now rousing the peoples of the world against Japan.


Hitler accuses the Jews of Machiavellian intentions upon the life of the world, but these intentions seem to differ according to the page of Hitler's book which one reads. On one page the Jews are accused of the nefarious purpose of desiring the triumph of Parliamentarism. A few pages further on they have suddenly changed their purpose to that of dominating the world by spreading Bolshevism. 

Indeed, Hitler looks upon the Bolshevik Revolution as a Jewish scheme to conquer the world, blissfully unaware of the fact that Lenin was no Jew, that Stalin is no Jew, that the most powerful Jews in the world are allied to capitalism, and that the Jewish shopkeeper is the greatest sufferer in a proletarian revolution. But these little inconsistencies do not matter in the eyes of Nazis, for Nazis are quite capable of believing that Jewish lie! Bolsheviks are working for the triumph of Jewish High Finance and that Jewish High Finance is subsidising a world revolution

Even Jewish jokes are regarded by many Nazis as part of the subtle scheme of world domination by the Jews. Hitler suggests that the Jews try to depict themselves in comic newspapers as a harmless, humorous people in order to mislead public opinion into thinking that they are no danger.


The most brutal and also the pettiest methods are adopted to drum hatred of the Jews into the German people. As I was walking down the Friedrichstrasse, a main street in Berlin, a newspaper boy shouted, “Buy the ‘Aryan Review.’”  I bought it, and discovered that it was wholly devoted to proving that the Jews were the leaders of the forces of evil and the originators of wars, and that God wished the Germanic Aryans to be the lighters for idealism in the world. 

In one library I saw a big notice signed by the German Students’ Union, entitled  “Against the Non-German Spirit,” which stated that everything a Jew wrote in the German language was a lie because the language of the Jews was Hebrew. What an indictment against the type of univer­sity product which the Nazis have brought to the front! 

Why are the Nazis determined to treat the Jews as an inferior people and to deprive them of posts? The first reason is that the Nazi philosophy is based upon the supremacy of the Aryan race. Hitler writes in “My Struggle”: 

“Everything which we see in human civilization, in achievements of art, science, and engineering, is almost exclu­sively the creative production of the Aryan.” 

With one sentence he sweeps Japanese art, Chinese philosophy, and Jewish science, the achievements of an Einstein or the healing of Jewish doctors, into the wastepaper basket. The worship of the Germanic past has led to an orgy of inventions about the history of Germany. The facts that the Germans are a people of mixed origin, and that the Slav element in the Prussian is exceedingly strong, are brushed aside scornfully, for Hitler has spoken and Hitler is always right.

Secondly, Nazis justify themselves by religious arguments for persecuting the Jews. One pamphlet tells you that the Nazis are the true defenders of Christianity, for it is the Nazis who fight the Jews, thus fighting the enemies of Christianity!


Nazis have launched a campaign against the Jews, thirdly, because they believe that Jews are largely responsible for the decline in morals and for the corruption in public life. They state that the influx of Polish Jews has been damaging to Germany.

The revolt against the Jews can finally be traced to the antagonism of the small shopkeeper to the fierce competition and unscrupulous methods of many of the larger Jewish concerns.

Thus the Nazis have dismissed Jewish doctors and lawyers, officials and professors. Even Jewish workers and employees have been thrown out to make way for men of German origin. In the realm of sport and art, science and educa­tion, the possession of Jewish blood is a barrier to progress.

What of the future? There are signs that the persecution is dying down, but the damage done to Germany by it has been tremendous. Shakespeare wrote of the Jews: “If you wrong us, shall not we revenge?” and the revenge has come. 

Leipzig, the centre of the fur trade, has been dealt a severe blow. Germany’s exports have suffered through a boycott of German goods. But the greatest loss to Germany, in my opinion, will be the loss in brains, in initiative, and in economic genius through which Jews enrich the countries where they live. 








Adolf Hitler, Chancellor of Germany.


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