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September, 1932.

  Dear Mr. Jones, 

            I have just returned from a Storm Attachment meeting and am just in right mood to write to you on the political situation. 

            We are all exceeding angry that the "old man" has such blind confidence on the clique of monarchists who are now in power.   These people do not seem to know that since the war there have been great and fundamental changes.  They believe that they can drag the cart out of the rut with their old-fashioned pre-war views.  But to save Germany we must have quite different people!  We National Socialists are the young generation and our Hitler is certain to lead us soon into the "Third Reich”, which will be the only solution of our present distress.  It is a disgrace that the clique which has absolutely no majority behind it has such control over Hindenburg that he allows our leader to go away empty-handed.  It was the duty of the President to recognise our overwhelming success in the Elections by placing the political power in Hitler’s hands.   It is quite correct that in numbers we have not a clear majority but figures are not so important here.  What is important is that out party contains all the constructive forces.  We have the elite of the German people in our ranks.  All classes groups of society and ages are represented, and the more they slander and fight us the stronger we are bound together by the feeling that we are destined to give all our energies for the building of a new German Fatherland which contain all those of German blood, and in which all non-Germans will be thrown out of positions of political and cultural work.  There must be no compromising.  There is nothing we hate more than compromising.  That is the reason why we are not satisfied with the way in which our five Upper Silesian comrades have been “pardoned”.  We demand that the trial shall be opened anew in order to prove that our comrades could simply not have acted otherwise towards this Polish Insurgent and Communist.  Since when have we Germans put our own heroes up against the wall?  Thank God that we have amongst us enough people who are willing to lay down their lives if necessary to rid the German people of its diseases. 

We must recognise that the Papen Government has done all it could for the sovereignty and defense of the German people. In principle we agree with it.  But how clumsily they have done everything!  Do not your countrymen feel insulted by the démarche of the German Government at the Quai D’Orsai?  When one has such a plan to carry out surely one should first assure oneself of the agreement of friendly powers before negotiating with the traditional enemy. Our Adolf Hitler would have done things much better but he is not given the possibility to show what he can do.  But his day will come.  We are convinced of this, and we are prepared to take the future of the German people into our hands. 


With best greetings, 










Adolf Hitler, Chancellor of Germany.


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