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Air-Minded Nation in the Making


Germany Must Become a Nation of Aviators! 

As I stepped out of Berlin’s main station some days ago I saw stretched high across the street a brilliantly blue banner with these words written large upon it.  It was a declaration of Germany’s greatest ambition of the moment - to lead the world in civil and military aviation. 

The Germans are air-mad; their passion for flying is being fostered by the leaders of the National Socialist Party.  Hitler, when he visits a town, swoops down upon it from the air.  The first glimpse I ever had of the Chancellor was as he approached his vast aeroplane, the Baron von Richthofen, standing the snow-covered Berlin aerodrome on a February day in 1933. 


The real force behind the German air plans is not Hitler, however, but Goering, who probably cares nought about the economic visions of the National Socialist Party as long as he has power to blacken the European sky with a host of German squadrons. 

Goering was the inspirer of the air display which I visited in Berlin, and which not only impressed but startled me.  Through the Berlin aerodrome ground marched thousands upon thousands of strapping young men clad in the new grey-blue uniform of the German aviators.  As I watched their keen, determined faces, their fine physique, and the perfection of their marching, I thought that Germany had in them the germ of a magnificent air force.

And there were young women, too, clad in that grey-blue uniform which is becoming as much the darling of the Prussian crowd as was the most resplendent of Guards’ uniforms in 1914.  Will it be as ominous for Europe? I wonder. 


It is not only ambition but fear which is leading to the training of these thousands of young men. 

“More than 10,000 aeroplanes are now standing on the German frontiers ready to start.”  This is one of the slogans driven into the minds of the German people by pamphlet, cinema, and radio. 

“In one hour every German city can be attacked by foreign bombers.”

Here is another statement which strikes millions of Germans in the eye as they look at the posters. 

Thus Goering is driving his lesson daily, hourly into the consciousness of the German people.  Goering has spoken, and as a result of his commands air defence is taught in every school, gas-mask demonstrations are carried out in the most remote parts of the country, and every house of size appoints a special “air guardian” in case of attack. 

It was more than a coincidence that when I sailed from Cuxhaven the last words I saw as the liner slowly heaved away from the quay were:  

Germany Must Become a Nation of Aviators! 








Adolf Hitler, Chancellor of Germany.


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