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Interview with Prince Teh Wang

Far East Contents

July 14th 1935   
(from Gareth Jones' Diary)

Gareth Jones – “Aims of the Mongols – a unified Mongolia with outside influence?” 

Teh Wang – “A unified Mongolia without outside influence. 

Jones - “Do you mean creating an Outer Mongolia?” 

Prince – “Yes –we want all the three, coalition under Russia, and the free Mongols to be united into one great nation?” 

Jones – “Are signs to a nationalist feeling in Outer Mongolia?” 

Prince - “ I think there are signs of them wakening the sense of nationality.” 

Jones – “Are there any indications whether the Mongolians in Manchukuo will join the united Mongolia?” 

Prince – “I don’t know.” 

Jones – “Best method to attain united Mongolia, would it be with Japanese help?” 

Prince –“ Our aim is to attain it independently without any outside help.” 

Jones - “What would be the attitude towards Japanese help?” 

Prince – “Everyone who sympathises with us is our friend.  We Mongolians, we are the ones who have preserved root of Mongols, and anything which must be done for unification of Mongolia, must start from us.” 

Jones – “What policy to adopt?” 

Prince – “ alternatives.

A) Free Mongols to unite with Eastern Mongols and Northern Mongols.”

B)   Free Mongols to join Northern Mongols and free Manchu Mongols.” 

Jones – “Which policy?”

Prince – “Wait and see, it depends on development.”  He yawned - seemed very tired, and had cunning eyes.  He was sharp and gave diplomatic and skilful replies.  

Jones pressed: 

Prince – “The Chinese are the people we want, we prefer to rely on them, but if they treat us badly, (colonization).  Then the Japanese are the second people we would turn to as the next resort.  If we are squashed, then we have but one choice.It would be to the North, but it does not mean we have sympathy with Russia.” 

Jones – “Would not any link with Russia mean a blow to the Mongol Princes and the destruction of the Mongolian Organisation?” 

Prince – “Yes we realise the dangers.” 

Jones – “How are the Japanese roads affected?” 

Prince - “I have heard a rumour but they have no proposals to make a road that their cars can use nor to fly their aeroplanes.” 

Jones – “Have the Japs made any plans for wool and industrial development at all?” 

Prince – “No, they have made no proposals for any development, that would come from us." 

Jones – “Aerodromes?  This was denied. 

Jones – “What’s the significance of the visit to the Japanese to Pailingmiao?”

Prince – “Merely social.”

Jones – “Prospects of war between Russia and Japan, what would the attitude be?”

Prince – “We cannot foretell what will happen, we have to wait developments.” 

End of interview.

'Jap' plane arrives with Japanese officials, flies low over the crowds.


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