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Gareth Jones’s Questions To Japan’s War Minister.

General Hayashi

On August 16, the day on, which the news was received that Mr. Gareth Jones had been killed by Chinese bandits, we published an article by him based on an interview with the Japanese Naval Minister.  Today we publish the answers of the War Minister (General Hayashi Senjuro) to Mr Gareth Jones’s questions.

  What is your attitude towards co-operation between Japan and China?

 Co-operation between Japan and China is something that should be realised in the interests of the two countries co-existence and co-prosperity.  We have up to the present emphatically advocated the wisdom of such a policy, as that is the only course conducive to peace in the Far East.  Anti-Japanese sentiment however, is pretty deeply rooted in the Chinese heart, and it is not easy to foresee whether this much-wished-for co-operation can be attained by a mere proclamation issued in the name of the Government.  The future only can finally answer this question. 

“What can Japan do to help China to overthrow the Communists?” 

The suppression of the Communist bandits must be left to the Chinese them­selves.  It is no one else’s business.  But considering the economic conditions in China and the geographical situation of the Szechuan Province, the task looks not easy of accomplishment.  General Chiang Kai-shek is not likely to hope for Japan’s direct assistance, nor have we on our part considered anything like direct assistance. 

“What is the significance of the visit of Major-general Doihara to Nanking and Canton?  

Major-general Doihara is travelling in a purely private capacity through the different parts of China.  He is a “China expert” and seems to have a large number of friends among the Chinese, with whom he has held conversations.  He carries no official mission. 

Greater Asia

“What is your attitude towards the doctrine of ‘Asia for the Asiatic?” 

The Greater Asia advocated by Sun Yat-sen is desirable for the promotion of the status of Asiatic races, but it is far from our policy to entertain any exc1usive idea in connection with that movement. 

“What is the part played by aviation in Japan’s national defence?” 

Problems concerning national defence belong to the military so I have no liberty to discuss them.  I think I may say this much, that in consequence of the expansion ofa the air forces of our neighbours we are making preparation in a measure sufficient to assure a sense of security to our citizens 

“What is the policy of the army towards the economic development of Manchukuo? 

It is stipulated in the Japanese-­Manchukuo protocol that we will co operate for mutual defence.  So the Japanese Army is interested in such economic affairs as will affects the defence requirements. 

Young Officers 

“How do you regard the proposals of the Young Officers?” 

The Incident of May 15 is responsible for the birth of the “Young Officers" rumours.  It is a fiction.  Nothing like this exists.  All the officers of the Japanese Army are attending to their duties loyalty and faithfully.  Their morale and discipline are as perfects as they have ever been.  The tradition of the Imperial Army lives in the hearts of every Japanese soldier. 

“What can Japan do to counteract the advance of the Soviet influence in Inner Mongolia?" 

Keenly alive to the responsibility we are assuming for the defence of Manchukuo, we are exercising vigilance. 

“Some Chinese fear that Japan will attack North China.  Has this fear any basis?” 

This is a mere rumour.  Japan will never attack North China, unless we are provoked to do so.     


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