Welcome to our brief selection of Gareth's articles covering his trips to the Soviet Union, including his 1933 Famine Exposure and the journalistic aftermath which it caused, up until the present day with Ukrainian calls for the revocation of Walter Duranty's 1932 Pulitzer prize for Correspondence, from The New York Times for his dishonest reporting of the Holodomor.

From this page you can follow hyperlinks to a sample of his articles or alternatively using the navigational buttons above - We hope that you will enjoy browsing through some of his articles for The Western Mail (who have been kind enough to give us permission to reprint them).

For a full coverage of Gareth's Soviet articles, which provide a far greater in-depth coverage of this episode in his short life and major background information to the Holodomor Famine-Genocide, please check the Gareth Jones Archive website for more details.

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    1. Overview 1930 - 33

    2. Book Errata

    3. Legal Notices


  2. 1930

    1. Overview 1930

    2. Newspaper Articles 1930

      1. Communists 5-Year Plan: How is it working in Russia: No more compromise with Capitalism.

      2. Russia’s Future. Stupendous Plan of Communist;  A vast scheme for agriculture

      3. Forces behind Stalin’s Dictatorship. Peasants submissiveness which Britons would not tolerate.

      4. Russian workers disillusioned: forces against the Five-Year Plan: Scarcity of food and clothing.

      5. Mixture of successes and failures: Progress at the expense of happiness.

  1. 1931

    1. Overview 1931

    2. Newspaper Articles & Interviews 1931

      1. Poland's Foreign Relations - The Contemporary Review, July 1931

    3. Interview with Karl Radek, Editor of the Soviet Newspaper Izvestia

    4. Jack Heinz's Diary


  2. 1932

    1. Overview 1932

    2. Newspaper Articles 1932

      1. Russia Dreads the Coming Winter. 15 October 1932.

      2. Russia Famished Under the Five-Year Plan. 17 October 1932.

    3. Lenin's Widow - "Lenin's Widow Talks to a Welshman."


  3. 1933

    1. Overview 1933

    2. Newspaper Articles 1933

      1. Famine Rules Russia, London Evening Standard, 31st March 1933.

      2. Interview with the former Pre-Soviet Russian Prime Minister Kerensky regarding the Famine.

      3. Starving Russians seething with discontent: Britons Arrested seen as a: “Sop".

      4. O.G.P.U.’s Reign of Terror in Russia.

      5. O.G.P.U.’s Blow to Trade: Moscow Trial one of Biggest Blunders in  History.

      6. Majority for Russian Imports Bill: Soviet Dwindling Trade.

      7. My thoughts on the Journey to Moscow: Putting the Clock Back by Centuries.

      8. Seizure of Land and Slaughter of Stock: Peasants Subsisting On Potatoes and Cattle Fodder. 

      9. Why There is Unemployment in Russia; Food Shortage and Lack of Raw Materials.

      10. Soviet Ready for War: Active Military Preparations: Why She Will Never Attack Another Country: Attitude towards the League.

      11. Easter in a Godless Country: Renewed Persecution  of Christians. Easter 1933.

      12. Good-Bye Russia 

      13. “Gareth Jones Murdered - Shot by his Kidnappers" from 17th August 1935, Gareth's obituary by Paul Scheffer, Editor-in-Chief of the Berliner Tageblatt, who was also banned for his anti-Stalin articles in the late 1920s.

    3. Flying with Hitler

      1. With Hitler Across Germany - a fascinating account of flying in Hitler's plane 'Richthofen'.

      2. Beginning of German Fascism - relates his impressions of Goebbels.

      3. Primitive Worship of Hitler - where Gareth describes attending a Nazi Rally at Frankfurt with Hitler's entourage. He then compares and contrasts the oratory  of Hitler and Lloyd George.

    4. Famine Exposure

      1. Photo & transcript from Gareth's Diary relating famine conditions.

    5. Soviet Rebuttal

    6. Lloyd George Correspondence

      1. Letter to Lloyd George 27th January, off Dover, from the German Steam Ship Bremen

      2. Letter to Lloyd George from Berlin, 27th March 1933.

    7. Malcolm Muggeridge

      1. Gareth's Letter to Editor of Manchester Guardian  in support of Muggeridge's articles

      2. Correspondence to Gareth in 1933 from Muggeridge.


  4. 2003

    1. Overview 2003 -  An Epistle from Margaret Siriol Colley relating the events of 2003.

    2. Newspaper Articles 2003

      1. Welsh Journalist Gareth Jones - Unsung Hero of Ukraine

      2. Written Evidence of Starvation acquired by Gareth from Berlin on a Trip to Danzig in May 1933

    3. Walter Duranty ( Pulitzer Revocation Letter from Gareth's relatives)


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