Gareth wrote many articles under his own name on his return to Britain; for The London Evening Standard, The (London) Daily Express (7), The Financial Times (3), Berliner Tageblatt and two known articles syndicated through The New York American.

Photo of  "Child Beggars in Moscow" as printed in The London Evening Standard, Friday 31st March 1933 (See below for a link to a photo and transcript of this complete article). 
  1. Famine Rules Russia, London Evening Standard, 31st March 1933.

Below are links to his ten articles for  The Western Mail, [Cardiff]April 3rd - 12th, 1933.

  1. Interview with the former Pre-Soviet Russian Prime Minister Kerensky regarding the Famine.

  2. Starving Russians seething with discontent: Britons Arrested seen as a: “Sop".

  3. O.G.P.U.’s Reign of Terror in Russia.

  4. O.G.P.U.’s Blow to Trade: Moscow Trial one of Biggest Blunders in  History.

  5. Majority for Russian Imports Bill: Soviet Dwindling Trade.

  6. My thoughts on the Journey to Moscow: Putting the Clock Back by Centuries.

  7. Seizure of Land and Slaughter of Stock: Peasants Subsisting On Potatoes and Cattle Fodder. 

  8. Why There is Unemployment in Russia; Food Shortage and Lack of Raw Materials.

  9. Soviet Ready for War: Active Military Preparations: Why She Will Never Attack Another Country: Attitude towards the League.

  10. Easter in a Godless Country: Renewed Persecution  of Christians. Easter 1933.

One article, the last in a series for the London Daily Express, on April 11th 1933:

  1. Good-Bye Russia

" The noose is getting tighter and tighter round the neck of the Russian peasant, and exile and starvation hover round him.  But by destroying the Russian peasant the Bolsheviks are destroying Russia and this mad policy will be their nemesis."


  1. "Gareth Jones Murdered - Shot by his Kidnappers”. Berliner Tageblatt, obituary from 17th August 1935, by Paul Scheffer, Editor-in-Chief and close colleague of Gareth's, who was also banned from the USSR, for his anti-Stalin reporting in the late 1920s.  In 1938, he was accused in 'evidence' at the third (Bukharin) Moscow Show Trial, as being a German spymaster; responsible for organising Soviet grain sabotage .

 "Instead of independent minds inspired by genuine feeling, there appear more and more men of routine, crippled journalists of widely different stamp who shoot from behind safe cover, and thereby sacrifice their consciences."

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