During the previous August in 1931, Gareth and Jack Heinz II, had already seen first-hand 'starving-peasants' and listened to their tales of malnutrition and the failures of Collectivisation (See Jack Heinz's 'Diary' above for evidence). Gareth decided to incorporate these diary observations along with recently received reports from Izvestia into two newspaper articles, in an attempt to publicise his fears of an inevitable famine.


This series of articles was entitled: "Will There be Soup?"  and were published by  The Western Mail, Cardiff, Wales, on the 15th & 17th October 1932:

  1. Russia Dreads the Coming Winter. 15 October 1932.

"...That is what I heard from the mouths of peasants in many parts of Russia.  “Why should we work?” they asked, “When our land and cow have been taken away from us.  Give us our land back.” Therefore they do not cultivate the land so thoroughly. "

  1. Russia Famished Under the Five-Year Plan. 17 October 1932.

    "It is no wonder that the chief organ of the Soviet Government contains news of the shortage of the harvest, that it reports that the grain collections in Ukraine where there has also been a drought."

In comparison, Walter Duranty wrote an article entitled: "The Crisis in the the Socialisation of Agriculture" from: Moscow, on November 24, 1932,  in which he admitted that the: "...Five-Year Plan, has run against an unexpected obstacle— the great and growing food shortage in town and country alike."  But within the same article also stated: " There is no famine or actual starvation, nor is there likely to be."


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