In mid-October, 1930, Gareth published his first three articles for The (London) Times, in a series entitled, 'The Two Russias', in which, "... records impressions recently gathered by an un-shepherded visitor to Russia who was able to collect at first hand some rank-and-file opinion on the regime and its policies".

The following year, he then wrote a series of five articles for The Western Mail, Cardiff, relating to his trip to the Soviet Union in 1930. Please click on the links below to read the transcripts of these articles, published between 7 - 11 April, 1931:

i. Communists’ Five-Year Plan: “How is it working in Russia: “No more compromise with Capitalism.”

ii. Russia’s Future. Stupendous Plan of Communist; Coal, iron and steel. A vast scheme for agriculture.

iii. Forces behind Stalin’s Dictatorship. Peasants submissiveness which Britons would not tolerate.

iv. Russian workers disillusioned: forces against the Five-Year Plan: Scarcity of food and clothing.

v. Mixture of successes and failures: Progress at the expense of happiness.


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