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Gareth Jones - a Manchukuo Incident
by Dr Margaret Siriol Colley

Gareth Richard Vaughan Jones died in mysterious circumstances in Inner Mongolia in 1935. Undoubtedly his death was politically motivated but his murder  has yet to be solved . This book gives one plausible explanation of his tragic demise.

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More Than  a Grain of Truth 

by Margaret Siriol Colley


The  Biography of 

Gareth Richard Vaughan Jones

This, the second book is devoted to the Gareth's achievements in his short life and to the early 1930's.  Gareth died on the eve of his thirtieth birthday, but, sadly his name, until this book was written, had been air-brushed out of history.  He worked for the former wartime Prime Minister of Britain, David Lloyd George, flew with Adolph Hitler and was the first named journalist to expose the genocide famine in Ukraine in 1933 bought about by Stalin's ruthless determination to carry out his Five-year plan. His prediction of future events were uncanny


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Annie Gwen Jones

 Impressions of Life  Russia  1889 to 1892

Annie Gwen's account of experiences in Hughesovka, Ukraine when working for the Family of Arthur Hughes, son of John Hughes founder of the City now known as Donetsk

Her Account