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The following are the articles on my website

  1. South Wales Borderers in First World War.  Newspaper report on the actions of this tragic Welsh regiment.

  2. Earl of Abergavenny, the East Indiaman.  The wreck of the ship off Weymouth in 1805 during the Napoleonic Wars with France.

  3. Memorial to the The Wreck of The Earl of the Abergavenny sunk in 1805 with the loss of approximately 274 lives.

  4. Diving on the Remnants of the German Fleet in Scapa Flow, the Orkneys in the 1980'

  5. The Heart of Things  Hong Kong Critic's assessment of Gareth's murder in Inner Mongolia.

  6. Tales Told Round the Fireside of a Welsh Farm House.

  7. Preface to my book, More Than a Grain of Truth.  The Biography  of Gareth Richard Vaughan Jones.

  8. Yr Angor. Dadarchurddiwyd plac- y Gareth Richard Vaughan Jones.

  9. The Land girl in 1917.  Eirian Lewis's account of being a land girl in the Great War.

  10. Life on the Steppes.  A short account of Annie Gwen Jones in Hughesovka in 1889-1892.

  11. The Steel City .Annie Gwen Jones' radio story of her visit to Ukraine in 1889-1892. English version.

  12. Yr DDinas Ddur. Welsh version of Annie Gwen Jones' broadcast.

  13. Battle of the Somme. The tragic death of Dr Raymond Jones on July 10th 1916

  14. Siriol's wartime evacuation to Canada in 1940