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 Gareth Vaughan Jones Soviet Articles from 1930 t0 1933

New Chronicle, Friday, October 3rd, 1930THE SNOBBERY  of SOVIET RUSSIA.

The Times Leader October 13th 1930 THE TWO RUSSIAS.

The Western Mail 7th - 11th April, 1931  COMMUNISTSí FIVE-YEAR-PLAN.

 The Times October 14th 1931. THE REAL RUSSIA.

August 1931.   Interview with Karl Radek.

Western Mail November 7th 1932. LENINíS WIDOW TALKS TO A WELSHMAN

The Western Mail, Cardiff, 15,17th, October 1932. Will there be Soup?

Evening Post Foreign Service New York March 29th 1933  Gareth's press release.

New York Times , March 31st 1933  Walter Duranty's rebuttal.

 New York Times, May 13th , 1933. Mr. Jones Replies.

The Sun [Baltimore] 1933. Reports Russians Are Starving, Also The Manchester Guardian, March 31st 1933 and, TIME April 10, 1933.

Friday March 31st 1933 The Evening Post . FAMINE RULES RUSSIA.

Daily Express April 3rd -- 8th 1933.The Real Truth About Russia at Last.

Western Mail  April 3rd -- April 20th 1933, "WE ARE STARVING".

The Financial News, Tuesday, April 11th -- 13th  1933. BALANCE-SHEET OF THE FIVE-YEAR PLAN,

Daily Express April 11th 1933, GOOD-BYE RUSSIA.

The Manchester Guardian, May 8th 1933. Letter in support of Malcolm Muggeridge

THE WASHINGTON HERALD Sunday, June 4th 1933. Five-Year Plan Has Brought Country to Famine,

Western Mail August 28th 1933, Cardinal Innitzer's Letter vindicating Gareth.


New York American , 12th  January 1935. Gareth 's articles for Randolph Hearst.





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