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Gareth standing directly behind President Hoover at the White House, Washington together with the Children of the Revolution, April 23rd 1931.  Gareth was an uninvited guest!

Gareth was aware of the interdependence of the great nations of the world.  As David Lloyd George’s Foreign Affairs Adviser, he would have fully understood the repercussions of the Treaty of Versailles, which were reverberating more than a decade later.  The British Prime Minister was one of its signatories in 1919, after the Great War.  The Treaty was sacred to the French and she was against its revision.  In Germany it had fermented great bitterness.  In an article he published in The Western Mail entitled:  “The World in Banking Crisis in 1931” he wrote graphically of how the collapse of the major bank, Credit-Anstalt in Austria, had been sufficient to cause a knock-on effect resulting in a financial crisis of global proportions - a spark as small as that which set Europe afire in 1914.  He poignantly wrote:  “the rumblings of disaster have grown more ominous.  Japan has taken advantage of the trouble in Europe to send troops into Manchuria.  The forces of Hitler, the fascist, have mounted in Germany”.  Appearing in The Western Mail on July 30th 1935, two days after bandits captured him, was an article by Gareth entitled:  “Anglo-American Relations from the Japanese point of view”.

Hirohito in Imperial Robes.

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