Siriol on Arrival at Donetsk Airport

Donetsk from Atlas Hotel

Donetsk from Atlas Hotel

Donetsk from Atlas Hotel

New Donetsk Cathederal

Nigel, Siriol and Federigo at the replica cannon

Steel Sculpture Park

Artem Statue

A Chic Donetsk Restaurant...

Trolley Bus over the Main Bridge

View West from Bridge

View North from Bridge

Olga, Yaraslava, Harald, Siriol and Yura at the Hotel

Advertising for MAU conference at the Main Dontesk Theatre

Registration for MAU conference, with Olga & Yara

Miner Statue - well quite large actually!

Donetsk Sports Stadiium

Monument to the Mining of Donetsk

Second World War Memorial

Donetsk Coal Mines

Slag heaps


Just got off a crowded bus...

Olga, Yura and Yara before the openning of the conference

Our interpreters!

Siriol, Olga, Harald (Austrian delegate), Yara and Nigel

Conference Hall

Mark von Hagen at the platform

The Platform in advance of 2 1/2 hours of speeches!

50-piece orchestra

Traditional Ukrainian Dancing

Male Opera Singing

Swan Lake Ballet

Modern singing

Dinner on Tues, with Siriol, Federigo, Nigel & Harald - Veggie Menu - diced cucumber and chips!

Sirol's speech with Mark von Hagen in the Chair

Nigel's Speech

Federigo delivering Etienne Thevenin's paper

Federigo Argentieri

Jan Jacek Bruski from Poland

Vasyl' Marochko

Lunch at the White Swan restaurant.

Panel closure.

Post panel zakuski party!

Olga & Siriol

Donetsk Outdoor Market

Donetsk Indoor Market

Indoor Market

Entrance to Indoor Market

Federigo buying each of the girls a rose! Or were they just picked from the rose bed behind?

Larissa Onyshkevych and Myroslava at TheWhite Swan on Thursday Lunch.

Sascha and Sascha - the Biochemistry boys!

John Hughes, founder of Donetsk in front of the Engineering University

Trams as well!

'Blue' Tent Protest at the Lenin Memorial

Lenin Statue, Donetsk.

Blue protest and Lenin Statue

Tea before the Downpour

Donetsk Playhouse

To kill two birds... comedy musical production

The cast...

The Walnut nutter!

The Last supper


Hotel Atlas - 5am Friday 1st July

Federigo at the Kleines Bar in Vienna

Vienna Library

Franz Joseph in the rain

A Live8 stage

Montage in Viennese Bar

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Soviet Propaganda Painting - Kharkiv Collective Market 1934 - from Donetsk Art Gallery