In 2003 there have been many newspaper articles relating to Gareth and his pivotal role in exposing the 1932-33 Soviet Famine-Genocide in relation to the Duranty Pulitzer revocation campaign.

Below we have listed several external weblinks for copyright reasons (valid at time of publication - otherwise check our Web Updates link from this site), to recent articles relating to Gareth, plus finally one article in full, from Ukrainian Archives and News:

  1. Gareth Jones, hero of Ukraine, by Martin Sieff of UPI, 12th June 2003.

    "What can you expect if you fearlessly expose the systematic, genocidal murder of 10 million people?

    You can expect to be branded as a liar in the most prestigious newspaper in the United States. You can expect to be murdered yourself by bandits probably in the pay of conspirators perpetrating equally colossal, monstrous crimes against humanity. And you can even to be betrayed after your death and airbrushed out of existence by one of your closest professional colleagues and friends."

  2. Justice at last for Critic of Stalinism?, by tomos Livingstone, of The Western Mail, 12 June 2003.

    "AN infamous apologist for Stalinist Russia, who ridiculed a legendary Welsh journalist's claims that the regime was causing the starvation of millions of people, could be stripped of the Pulitzer Prize he won 70 years ago ."

  3. Strip Villain of his Pulitzer Prize, by Tomas Livingstone, of The Western Mail, 26th June 2003.

    "RELATIVES of a legendary Welsh journalist have joined a campaign to strip the Pulitzer Prize from the man who tried to ruin his reputation."

  4. Walter Duranty, Gareth Jones and the Pulitzer Prize, Dr James Mace, The Day (Ukraine), 15th July 2003.

    "Is it not only right that the people most affected by the events in which the struggle between truth and falsehood, idealism and cynicism, were so blatant that it reads almost like a melodrama, also make its collective voice heard? By asserting justice in the past, we help attain it for ourselves."

  5. Gareth Jones: correspondent who reported the Great Famine, The Ukrainian Weekly, 22nd July 2003.

    "When the researcher inquired of Muggeridge why he decided to write about the famine, Muggeridge responded that, "I could also see that all the correspondents in Moscow were distorting it." In reference to Shaw, Duranty and others this was true, but Jones did convey the truth concerning the gravity of the Famine."

  6. 'Welsh Journalist Gareth Jones - Unsung Hero of Ukraine', by Roman Revkniv, Ukrainian Archives and News, 11th May 2003. (CLICK HERE TO READ THIS ARTICLE IN FULL, ON THE CD-ROM.)

    " A Welshman in Ukraine is one matter: a Welshman taking the fight for Ukrainian social justice to Stalin and the rest of his world's gullible is already far greater than many Ukrainians were prepared do for their own nation at that time."

  7. 'Written Evidence of Starvation acquired by Gareth from Berlin on a Trip to Danzig in May 1933', by Roman Revkniv, Ukrainian Archives and News, 12th July 2003. (CLICK HERE TO READ THIS ARTICLE IN FULL, ON THE CD-ROM.)

    "The peasants have been eating the seed. To talk of a bumper crop, as Molotoff did, was a tragic farce, and he only said that to keep their spirits up, but nobody believed Molotoff. Many villages are empty. The fate of the German colonists is terrible, in some villages 25% have died off and there will be more dying off until August."

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