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Premiere of Sergey Bukovsky's New Holodomor Documentary  'The Living' (Zhyvi) in  the presence of Pres. & Mrs. Viktor Yushchenko

Friday 21st, November 2008, Kyiv, Ukraine.


  1. Click Here for a link to the film's main website (in Ukrainian) - with 4 -minute trailer of the documentary (with English subtitles) on the home page. For a slideshow of images taken during the filming of The Living, Click Here

  2. Alternatively. the video trailer can be played on this following Harvard Uni page Click Here.]

  3. Click Here for a Ukraine 3000 press report of the premiere, movie synopsis and comments by the production team (at the earlier press conference).

  4. Click Here for a review by Gareth's niece, Siriol Colley, of the film, which she saw in Columbia University, one week later on the 2 Dec 2008.

Thumbnail photos below are from the premiere in Kyiv - click on any of them for more detail

Sergiy Bukovsky (director), Mark Edwards (producer), Yevheniya Kravchuk (line producer), Nigel Colley, Volodymyr Kukorenchuk (director of photography) & Sergiy Trymbach (head of scriptwriters group).
Sergiy Bukovsky introducing his film President Viktor Yushchenko giving opening remarks about the Holodomor
Yurij Luhovy (a producer of Harvest of Despair), Nigel Colley & Dr. Nataliya Shulga.

Zorianna Hrycenko-Luhova (with Nigel & Dr. Nataliya Shulga).

Dr Volodymyr Serhijchuk, Historian from the Taras Shevchenko University Eugene Czolij, President of the Ukrainian World Congress
Paul Grod, President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Canadian Friends of both Ukraine & Gareth Jones
 Slideshow Photos from  Documentary Filming during 2008, Relating to Gareth
On Location in Wales, July Narration of Gareth's Dairies in Kyiv, June


Finally, a Big Thank You to the 'Friends of Gareth Jones'...


May I, Nigel Colley on behalf of the Gareth Jones' family graciously give unreserved thanks to the following people for their invaluable & cumulative help in promoting his belated recognition (and apologies to many numerous other name I have left out unintentionally, but whom are certainly not forgotten):

  1. The late/ Dr James Mace, who through Morgan Williams  (of,  originally discovered the 'fabled' Gareth Jones by sheer accident on the internet after the publication of 'Gareth Jones - A Manchukuo Incidenr {as we as a family had at that time no idea;  his heroic deeds to the Ukrainian community in 2003, during the Duranty Pulitzer Revocation Protest),

  2. Russ & Karen Chelak of New Jersey (for their unreserved faith and total support in our family's quest in remembering Gareth's deeds); Also very worthy of thanks in the New York area are; Victor Rudd, Andrew Stuttaford (of the 'National Review '- for accidentally putting me on to the scent of Soviet complicity in Gareth's murder), Michael Sawkiw, Pres. of the UCCA (for inviting me to speak at St Patrick's Cathedral Panykhida) and the staff; past and present, at the Ukrainian Weekly.

  3. Prof. Federigo Argentieri of the John Cabot University, Rome (for his wise academic direction and invitations to lecture academically);

  4. Prof. Lubomyr Luciuk for his sterling efforts in initiating a tri-lingual plaque in memory of Gareth at Aberystwyth University on 2nd May 2006. [Click Here for details.]

  5. Christine Sochocky (for chairing my academic panel at the June 2006 Ukrainian studies conference the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, where the Gareth's Soviet diaries PowerPoint presentation was first debuted and for which we allowed me to over-run my allotted speaking time by almost 20-minutes!),

  6. Daria & Jurij Darewych  and Lisa Shymko from Toronto in November 2006(for their organisational ability to get Gareth  known nationally on prime-time CBC radio).

  7. In Ottawa, Oksana Piasecky, Nykolai Bilaniuk, Myron Momryk and Irena Bell for their help, and also to Borys Wrzesnewskyj, M.P (for his courtesy in receiving me personally at Parliament).

  8. In Montreal, Zorianna Hrycenko-Luhova was most instrumental in first promoting Gareth's 'Famine Diaries' lecture tours after seeing it it in Urbana, which indirectly undoubtedly led to Gareth's inclusion within Bukovsky's film. [CLICK here for more details.] Also best wished to Roman & Uliana Hucal {(and their two dear boys, Michael & Andrew) for their hospitality},  Artem Luhovy  (for my invitation to speak at McGill University) and not forgetting the late Prof. Yarema Kelebay (for his positively 'booming' encouragement & treasured honorary McGill tie, which he bestowed me off his own back, just because he could)! The highlight of my first visit to Montreal however, was undoubtedly Gareth being recognised in the Montreal City Hall 'Book of Honour'. [CLICK HERE for photos from all of my 2006 Canadian tour.]

  9. In 2007, I would like to thank following my Canadian lecture tour, Michael Ilnycky and family in Calgary (including Stephan Stan for personally showing me the Rockies at Banff).

  10. In Winnipeg, many sincere thanks to the entire Holodomor commemorations' organising committee of;  Eugene (& Zorianna) Hyworon, Father Jaroslaw Buciora, Olga Fuga, Valentina Noseworthy (and not forgetting her husband for kitting me out with necessary long johns, for the 'interesting' climatic conditions, before delivering a lunchtime speech in front of Winnipeg City Hall at  -5°C). Also, i must remember everyone at Canad Inns, but especially Leo Ledohowski, their inspirational 'CEO', for his corporate drive & sponsorship of the week-long diary of events, which enabled me to meet twelve incredible famine survivors, whose individual stories of suffering (and eventual freedom from Stalinism), an experience, that I shall never forget, until the end of my days - God bless them all,, as through them alone, I now understand the true importance of my great uncle's deeds...Audiences with both the Metropolitan & Catholic Ukrainian spiritual leaders was very humbling,,,

  11. WORK-IN-PROGRESS BELOW - 2008 has been an incredible year for belated recognition of Gareth's memory...Meeting Mark Edwards; 'The Living's' producer at the Ukrainian East Village Restaurant in Manhattan was the catalyst of what was to become.....    

  12. May I thank I thank the Ukrainian Diaspora of Chicago; Nestor Papowich; Vera and especially the Holodomor the Movie's personnel of Bobby & Marta...

  13. The staff of the AUGB,  including Fedir Kurlak as well as the British Parliamentary Ukrainian-friendly MP',, but especially we must thank Roman Revkniv (and his partner, Jan) for his British aspect on Gareth's role and importance to the Ukrainian community worldwide.,

  14. From Wales, Alun Gibbard and Gareth Howe (who was named after Gareth!)

  15. And finally, absolute deference to everyone at Lystopad -Now let the show roll on...

Everybody, who knows of Gareth's  story is simply touched by his


 [16  DEC 2008  - This list is 'work in progress' as I retrieve & contemplate the extensive  list of Friends of Gareth Jones; so please return soon for an update]


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