for Gareth Jones: A Manchukuo Incident

  1. Page xxv. The picture of the starving children has been found to be that of a photo of the 1921/22 famine. This has been an error which has been perpetuated many times. Gareth gave a lecture tour: The Enigma of Bolshevist Russia throughout Britain and Ireland in 1933 and this was on glass slide from his lecture. Nottingham University copied the glass slides and led us mistakenly to believe that it was a rare photo taken in 1933, hence the error being perpetuated again.  Subsequently we have subsequently found the same picture as used in Manchukuo Incident was also used by Robert Conquest in Harvest of Sorrow and entitled "The 'Homeless' Ones - no more".

  1. Page 59. Tanaka Tokichi was not a baron.

  2. Page 249. David Bergamini, author of Japan's Imperial Conspiracy is the correct name, not Edward.


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